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Friday 9th July 2010

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Black Master Brixtonian took me to a location near the A3/M25 junction. We had to wait a while for some regular people to clear out , as they were just there on a warm summer evening chatting to friends etc…

Again , when there are “regular” people , Joe public , in a dogging location it tends to bring ANY activity to a grinding halt. Naturally , doggers are courteous people and so are not going to start having sex in front of innocent passersby ! So , we had to wait AN AGE before we could get any action going and it also meant that a lot of doggers simply drove away (because they KNOW there is not going to be any activity when there are regular people there)

So , the location was quiet when  Master took me from my car and walked me to the picnic tables and made me expose myself in just lingerie to the gathered , surrounding vehicles. He then took me into to the woods ,  where I quickly found that walking in 4inch heels was NOT really a good idea in this tricky terrain ! Luckily I had my flat shoes in my bag , so a quick change was in order. Shame though as I don’t look or feel as sexy in flat shoes!

One guy followed us and within seconds I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth.  Master took pictures and you can see them below. The guy did not want to fuck me and so just gave me the gift of his cum down my throat.

It was slim pickings and it was another half hour before guy no.2 persued me. I took no time in dropping to my knees and giving him pleasure with my hot mouth . He too did not want to fuck me (although I always carry condoms and I offer them). Soon , he too was giving me the gift of his cum down my throat.

Not many eager men about tonight, so , we left shortly after guy 2 but Master was pleased with my progress as a cum dump.


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Go on , TAKE THEM, share them  and post them – I need to get the word out about this rare slut. She needs to be pimped more (for free)  and more cock needs to cum to her.
It is my ambition to someday have a place where she can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365.
 If any man has a facility like this in the United Kingdom and can help make it real , please get in touch
... Master Brixtonian