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Friday 16th July 2010 - Surrey

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Tonight I pleasured TWELVE men !

To overcome a poor turn-out last week at the dogging spot in Surrey , Master Brixtonian “pimped” me all over the internet , saying that I would be at this location again tonight.

We arrived and there were already a few guys gathered who had seen his posting and were ready to get stuck in to me.

I walked into the woods , where I removed my coat to reveal myself in an open cup basque , fully fashioned black nylons and open back panties. I walked further into the woods in just my lingerie , followed by an eager handful of horny guys.

Master strapped a bum bag full of condoms to my waist and then he found a suitable spot and ordered me to my knees.  

It was just an instant before flies came down the first, juicy thick cock pressed against my lips.
Two more guys surrounded me and got their cocks out a Master ordered me to circle suck them.
They fondled me , manhandled my small girly breasts and i felt manly fingers probing my tight ass.
These guys I will call guy1,guy2 and guy3.
Three or four other guys came along and stood off to one side and watched me being used as a public slut.
I continued to suck guy 1 as guy 2 disappeared from my view but I could feel him going into my bag for a condom. Next I felt the cool wetness of lube against my ass hole. In one swift move , guy 2 rammed his substantial cock right into my ass to the hilt. This guy was not going to play mr.nice guy , he recognised a nasty cock whore when he saw one and proceeded to ram my ass and at times , almost lifted me off my feet with his hard fucking. I felt every inch of cock in my tight tgirl pussy ass. His long , thick cock buried into and filled my ass to the brim. I love giving me ass to men, anal sex is such a rare pleasure for them and i am glad that Master has been training my ass to pleasure all men. When he was ready to cum , guy2 pulled out of my stretched hole,whipped off the condom and stroked his cock briefly to completion as i moved into a position that Master has trained me to get into in a n instant , head back , mouth wide open , ready to receive a hot load of cum. Master ordered me to hold the cum there , i could savout the saltiness of manhood in my mouth , whilst he took pictures and then he ordered me to drink and swallow it .
No time was wasted as I proceeded to suck guy1 off again , and in no time at all another hot , salty, creamy load of spunk entered my mouth and Master took pictures before he made me savour and swallow. Guy3 was steaming hot by this time and just a few thrusts into my throat had him cumming in no time at all. Three loads of heavy sperm in succession made Master really pleased.


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It is my ambition to someday have a place where she can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365.
 If any man has a facility like this in the United Kingdom and can help make it real , please get in touch
... Master Brixtonian