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Friday 23rd July 2010  -
A wooded dogging location East of London on the A3.

A black guy , who PublicSlut pleasures quite often , was over in the UK from Germany.

He wanted her outdoors so he took her to a usual dogging location on the A3.

Lots cars upon arrival and PublicSlut soon had the doggers attention as she paraded through the car park and headed for the trees. She was followed by a pack of wolves, eager to get some relief from a slut.

She was soon surrounded by about 8 guys , grabbing on her tits before she dropped to the floor.

First a cock of a more mature gentleman. He did not take long to cum to completion with PublicSluts talented mouth.
Next a wiry young man with a VERY nasty attitude. He spent no time in verbally abusing PublicSlut and then ramming his substantial cock into her throat.   He then pushed her on to a very large cock of a guy with a hippie style and long hair. Gosh , his cock was really testing the limits of PublicSluts throat. At this point , PublicsSluts Black companion reached for the camera in his bag , only to find it was not there ! So he had to go back to the car to look for it.

Shortly the hippy type guy was cumming down PublicSluts throat and giving her her second load.

PublicSlut had a chance to look up but only to see that the original large group had now moved away. The nasty young man had too. As the hippy guy zipped up and walked off , PublicSlut was now alone , waiting for more cock to cum her way . Also at this point her black companion returned with the camera but he had MISSED all the action , so , no pictures were taken !

The black guy took PublicSlut back to the carpark in her lingerie to generate more interest BUT some white van driver was driving around and around and around the car park in circles , shining his lights on all the doggers , pissing everyone off and putting a complete halt to any chance of action. This went on for quite some considerable time and , as always in these situations it was a full half hour before the mood returned to normality and guys, who had driven off, returned to the location.

Alas for PublicSlut , the only men left in the woods were half a dozen gay men , who had no interest in her. So , after just an hour at the location PublicSlut stopped giving her attention to any strangers and began to service her black companion in the trees. After just a short while though he said that he would rather be fucking her hard in her apartment and told her that they were leaving. He took her home and had uninterrupted full use of PublicSlut and it was probably a good choice , because PublicSluts yelling as she was being ass fucked by his enormous , thick black cock  would have caused far too much of a disturbance in the woods!
No pictures of this event , sorry

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