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Sunday  July 25th 2010

Master  spent a few hours in the day advertising, on the internet sites and  chartrooms, my availability at a location in N.London.
Some guys responded by actually turning up and there were also other guys there who go there on the “off-chance”.

As soon as I arrived Master made me parade in the glow of headlights in arriving cars and made me walk into the woods.
I was soon followed by a group of 6- 8 men.
inside the woods , I dropped to me knees and opened my mouth to serve.

Guy 1

A sexy Asian lad, who came from the internet, fucked my mouth then bent me over a tree and fucked my ass. Master made me thank him for using me and for providing me with seed. Then Master made me remove the cum filled condom, savour and swallow the contents.

Guy 2

Hot on the heels of guy 2, whilst I was sucking Guy3 (below) Guy2 just wanted to fuck. I did not get to taste his cock because he had reached for the condoms in my bum bag and within seconds was ramming his cock into ass. I rode his ass whilst sucking Guy3. I was getting a good spit roasting.
Guy2 soon started groaning and I felt his cock begin to spasm up my tight ass. Soon he was cumming copious amounts up my ass.
I thanked the stranger for using my hole and did as Master instructed. I removed the condom, squeezed the juices out , savoured them in my mouth and then drank his cum.

Guy 3

Guy 3 had responded from the internet. A sexy chocolate coloured guy who had sneaked away from his girlfriend for a few hours. He took his time (and who blames him) as he was going to make the most of this slut. I pleasured him orally and savoured his juice as he cum down my throat. Thank You for your dark seed.
The guy wrote to Master the following day , and this is what he had to say………..

hiya... she was fucking amazing... im tellin u the truth here... ive had blowjobs from a fair few girls in the past, but nothing to date touches the skills she had. im seeing a girl at the mo and she's got no skills in comparison... what can i say... ur girl tonight had skills! and it was actually the first time i'd been with a tgirl... in all honesty, she didnt look like what u'd picture a tgirl to look like... and looked more like a girl... smelled like a girl and spoke like a girl...

gotta say i was a little nervous... first time out dogging and definitely first time with a tgirl... having seen a few gay guys around doing their thing i was in a bit of shock when i came across u guys initially... and was almost on my way back to the car and home!... but gotta say u were a good host and she was very welcoming... once i'd seen her i was convinced i had to stay!...

would love to see her again... her bj was simply too good this time so had to spunk my load down her neck and in her mouth.... hopefully them pics u took were closeups.

 i'd def wanna see her and use her again... “

Guy 4

Guy4  was a motor cyclist. Spent ages sucking him, but, alas, the guy was a bit nervous and did not cum to completion. He did not want pictures taken. Despite him not cumming, I thanked him graciously for feeding me his cock. (No pictures)

Guy 5

Guy 5 resulted in PublicSlut being groped by a nervous Indian lad of about aged 21. The nervous lad caressed PublicSluts little boobs, twisted her big nipples and fingered her ass BUT before he got hic cock out he made a dash for it when some other guy approached to see what was going on !
Guy 6 had been the guy.
(No pictures)

Guy 6

Master had been chatting with guy 6 in the woods as he had been watching me with Guy 5. i  sucked him for an age , but , he did not cum. He told me he loved the experience though and i thanked him for allowing me to pleasure him. (No pictures)

Guy 7

Master had been chatting with two straight lads on the benches whilst PublicSlut was serving cock in the woods. He was explaining to them the joys of hot , tgirl mouth. They both made protestations in front of each other BUT when one of the guys left the area to go home the other guy made a beeline for PublicSlut. Whilst PublicSlut was honoured and excited to have introduced the straight lad to the joys of tgirl sucking, unfortunately the guy was not up to it. PublicSlut suspected the guy had been doing some “substances” that night and quickly got rid of him A word to you guys, always be sober and clear headed when you meet PublicSlut . Why waste that opportunity if you cannot get it up properly! His BIG loss ! (No pictures)

Guy 8

With time marching on and a walk of the car park resulting in nothing Master decided to call it a day. However NOT BEFORE he thoroughly used his bitch himself !
Guy 8 was Master Brixtonian!
Master has a H-U-G-E cock and the pictures do not do him justice.  
Master knows PublicSlut can’t handle it which gives him MORE pleasure as he forces his big black dick right down her throat. See in the 
5 Pictures how he made her eyes water !  2010_07_25

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