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Friday 30th July 2010
- A wooded dogging location in E.London. 

Master allowed another black man to take me to check out a new location for me.
Situated near Whipps Cross in East London, the black man led me from the car park into the woods.

My first impression was that it was not as busy as previous locations known to me. There appeared to be just a handful of men there and none were taking that much interest.

The black man choose a clearing, in full view of anyone in the vicinity and pushed me to my knees. Soon I was sucking on his tasty, chocolate cock. Within about 3 or 4 minutes we had attracted a circle of about 4 guys who got their cocks out and started stroking in appreciation. Seizing the moment, the black guy pushed my mouth off his cock on to the guy standing next to him. I began to feel hands all over my breasts and my ass. When I was pushed on to the next cock I felt fingers probe my asshole and fingers twisted my nipples. The black man passed me from cock to cock.
What surprised me next was the guys began going down on each others cocks as well !
Soon , our group of 5 turned into a group of 9 and I was passed in a circle from cock to cock whilst the guys continued to pleasure each other as well! Getting as much attention as myself was the black guy ! He had mouths all over his cock also !
Eventually , a beefy bull of a mixed race guy decided to take a condom from my bum bag and fuck me in the ass. Bent over with him fucking me hard , cocks were shoved into my mouth and I got a good spit roasting. The guys continued giving pleasure to the black guy and each other.

It was 30 minutes of pure male orgy and after most had felt satisfied the crowd dispersed and so did I and the black guy.

The black guy went home but after a soft drink in my car , I went back in to the woods alone.

Still less than 12 people here, although there were a couple of new faces.
I witnessed more man-on-man action but attracted little further attention myself.

My summary of this particular location is that it can more likely be described as a gay/bi men cruising location. Few, if any straight men were present and it is not a very good location for a tgirl slut like me.

The upside though is that it is a PERFECT location for outdoor fun for the following reasons:

It felt completely “safe” . Everyone I spoke to said that in many years that had rarely, if ever, heard of any troublemakers or boy-racer types going here (probably due to the lack of females!)
Secondly , it was quite nicely lit by the lights of the city skyline. It was not too light , but not too dark and the terrain was good, very flat with few obstacles.

To summarise , this will probably be a GREAT location to arrange a future meeting for myself and my followers on Masters Yahoo group. One we could plan in advance and make sure that 8 -12 of you turned up in this SAFE location to use me. For myself , it is not a very good location for me just to turn up hoping that there will be a crowd of men there who are into tgirls ,like myself.
No pictures of this event , sorry

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