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Wednesday August 4th 2010 - A wooded dogging location in N.London.

Master and I arrived at 10pm as advertised. It had been raining heavily tonight, so the car park was less busy than normal.

As soon as I arrived, Master took me to the woods to put on me wrist restraints and get his ropes. His intention was to tie me up for the men who had indicated their intention to come and use me tonight.
Mater did not have time to tie me because one of the men who had made the effort to come (from the internet posting) had arrived and he was horny as hell. Master will not keep men waiting to be served if he can help it.
The man grabbed my tits and touched up my ass as I lay the waterproof blanket on the ground.
He unzipped his fly and produced a perfectly delicious cock for me to feed on.
He took no time in experiencing the pleasure of my mouth and energetic tongue. It was obvious I was working him into frenzy and I think he had a fear of cumming before he had enjoyed his PublicSlut as much as he desired. He asked me for a condom, which I duly covered his cock with.
Master demanded I rise to my feet and bend over and very soon I felt the mans throbbing manhood enter my ass. I could tell he loved being inside my spotlessly clean ass and he gave me long, deep, filling thrusts with his juicy cock. After a while of fucking me, the man decided to pull out and have me on my knees again. I sucked him more and chewed on his balls as he stroked his cock into spurting gooey cum into my awaiting mouth.  You can see how this all happened in the pictures below. Thank You mystery man, I do hope that I can serve you in public sometime again.

Guy 2 had been watching proceedings from a short distance but did not quite know ho to approach. This guy was just visiting the spot and had no knowledge of me from the internet. Master beckoned him towards me, told him that I was there to serve him , if he desired and I dropped to my knees in anticipation. You can see the glee in my face (in the pictures) as he decided to unzip and feed me.

He too enjoyed the talents of my mouth and tongue and soon I was getting the second load of the night in my awaiting mouth.

And so , it was just TWO men at this North London location whom I was able to serve. The car park was empty of further players.
Master and I were disappointed that MANY men who said that they would come, from this group and the internet , did not materialise.
He was also peeved that he had brought lots of bondage gear , to secure and tie me to be gang fucked , but , this did not materialise and so was not put to use.

On our way home I suggested to Master that I take him to a location in East London , a location that I had been shown just a few days before.
In the woods here at this second location of the night , Master ended the evening by feeding me his own cock down my throat , whilst a small group of men looked on. We attracted the attention of another Black Man and Master put me to work on his cock. So , a
THIRD man (aside from Master) got to use my throat that evening.
With only four or five men at this location , and none needing my service , we left for our journey home at about 1245.

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... Master Brixtonian