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Wednesday August 18th 2010 - A wooded dogging location in W.London.

As soon as I arrived I was “almost” chased by a guy who had seen Masters posting of my arrival and he had travelled to have his FIRST EVER experience with a tgirl slut.
It was my absolute honour and so I let him have first pick of the cherry!

He is Guy 1
He wasted no time at all in getting his cock out and down my throat. And what a juicy big cock it was
J What a lovely way to start the evening. He was also keen to have his picture taken and who can blame him? A momentous occasion like this deserves to have a souvenir picture or two.
Whilst I was pleasuring him a group of about 6 men gathered around , many started wanking.

Master called out that a guy in the crowd ,
Guy 2, wanted to fuck me.
So whilst, I was sucking Guy 1, I rose to my feet, bent over and let Guy 1 and Guy 2 spit roast me.
Oh it felt SO good with a cock in my arse and a big cock in my mouth at the same time. These times are what makes being a slut such fulfilling times.

After Guy 2 had fucked me for as long as he desired , I dropped to my knees again and sucked Guy 1 to completion.
Master made me take the cum filled condom, drain it into my mouth , savour his cum and then swallow.
What a lovely start to the evening.

After a quick clean up Guy 3 stepped up for pleasure.


Whilst I was swallowing Guy 3 , Guy 4 stepped up to the plate as well. This gave Guy 3 the opportunity to take a condom from the pouch that Master always straps to me and then ram his substantial cock up my arse. Another spit roasting had Guy 3 cumming inside me and then removing the condom and watching me drink.

Guy 5 stepped up and received a wonderful blow job from me . His cum was thick and creamy and I savoured it before swallowing.

With the crowd of 6 men fully satisfied and dispersed, I was allowed a short break, In the car park I spoke to a hunky bodyguard who said he wanted to use me. Naturally, I let him take me into the woods and he thoroughly used my mouth and arse.
He is
Guy 6
Also, look at the pictures and you will see that
Guy 7 joined in when Guy 6 was fucking me.
What an absolute hunk
Guy 6 was , thanks for using me stud .


Guy 7



Guy 8 was Master himself. We had strolled to a nearby location and were followed by at least eight men BUT none of them was making any move to use me. Master did his own “demonstration” on how cock hungry I was in order to for these men to see how willing and greedy I was .

Guy 9 stepped up and used me. Guy 9 who said that he did not normally use tgirls but , as you can see from the pictures , he thoroughly enjoyed himself and was so glad that he did.

The group of men were still hanging around but reluctant . Master told them he was putting his camera away , incase that is what was putting them off. Remember, although pictures ARE wonderful records of my servitude to cock they are NEVER the motive for me serving. If ANY man does not want to be pictured, just say the word and the camera will be put away.
On this occasion, putting the camera away meant that I served 4 more men and their cocks. So , this evening it was my honour to have been a slut to pleasure
13 men.

I was returned home exhausted and with a belly full of cum. Master was pleased, as it is his ambition to have me feed on cum every day of the week.  


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... Master Brixtonian