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Tuesday 24th August 2010

Tonight Master wanted me to wear white stockings, so that I would more easily be seen inside the woods and be seen for the slut that I am, so that no horny man would miss me.
I held my stockings with a sexy eight strap red satin suspender belt and highlighted them with my red , 4 inch heels.
As is usual, I wore panties with the back cut out , so that men would have immediate access to my ass.
Master made me pose in the car park, so that all men in their cars would see me for the slut that I am.
He sent me into the woods, alone, but allowed me to change my heels to flats as there are too many obstacles to trip and fall over in there. Naturally, I have to put back on my fuck me heels when I reached a spot where I was to pleasure all men.



I was followed into the woods by Guy 1.
As you can see from the pictures Guy 1’s cock soon found it’s home down my throat resulting in my first cum meal of the night.

Guy 2 was next in the queue and I did my magic with my mouth – soon I was swallowing cum meal number 2.

Guy 3 stepped up next and again, I got a belly full of man juice.

Although it started at a fair pace, with three guys one after the other , I rose to my feet to see the woods were empty.
Master took me towards the car park where he was once again going to parade me in just lingerie to all the men in parked cars, to let them realise that I was there and that I was there to pleasure THEM!
However, THIS NEVER HAPPENED, because as we got close to the car park a few cars of boy racers came in and started tearing up the car park and creating general havoc. This always has the effect of scarring people off and soon, the car park was empty as everyone made a hasty exit.
From past experience, we knew that it the racers would not depart in any hurry and , even when they did, the car park would take forever to re-establish itself with cars full of men.
So, the only option that we had was to call it a day.
We had only been there an hour and I had only served three men and Master does like me to pleasure dozens, if possible, but tonight, it was not to be.

So, it was a quiet night for me and we were also a little disillusioned that only one man from our Yahoo Group database had been able to make it. One out of 250!
So, we can only surmise that Tuesday night at this location is NOT a good night and so , we will probably select another location for a Tuesday night in future.

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... Master Brixtonian