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3rd September 2010 - A wooded dogging location in W.London.

It was a VERY strange night tonight.

When we arrived there were two community support police officers present.
Unfortunately, their police car was parked in full view immediately as you drove in to the car park.
My immediate thought was “well, any man who is coming to use me tonight is going to freak out and drive straight off , so , it was not looking hopeful.” I was prepared for a total wash-out.

Let me just explain something about police , the law and dogging. It is NOT illegal to dog. It is ONLY illegal if a member of the public witnesses sex acts , takes offence and reports it to the police.  The law you will be breaking then is offending that member of the public.
For this reason , Master always takes me to known dogging spots , where a “regular” member of the public has no place being after dark.

As for the police presence tonight , they were actually there to PROTECT the doggers , they were there to catch any local “boy racers” who occasionally come there to harass the doggers.

We chatted with the police and managed to have some fun in the woods when we moved away from them ,but , they stayed for about an hour and so they naturally put a lot of men off using me.

Guys if you EVER see police at a dogging spot , they are NOT there to caution you , take your details or car numbers etc… they are there to PROTECT you and make sure that you are not suffering from any harassment etc… 

Anyway , when I did manage to go into the woods , I was immediately followed by two men.
They immediately got their cocks out and rammed them into my throat . Almost as soon as it started , it was over ! Gosh , those guys came quickly ! They left , drained, satisfied and just leaving me hungry for more cum.

We took a little break and Master made me walk back in to the car park to attract more men for more cock and more cum.

I walked into the woods and was followed by a sweet Liverpudlian man and another guy.

The Scouser (Guy 3) soon had me on my knees and began to use my mouth . This sweet man soon turned “nasty” (in the best possible way) . He soon showed his true colours , grabbing my hair , face fucking me and calling me all the filthy names under the sun . Wow , he was on fire and his nastiness made me serve even harder . Witnessing this was guy number 4 who also got his cock out and soon guy 3 was passing me between himself and the other guy.
What a refreshing change it was to pleasure you Scouser, I do hope to pleasure you again!

Guy 5 and 6 followed and they doubled up and used my throat a lot. i still haven't been fucked in the ass tonight ? i am beginning to wonder if i will be.

Guy 7 was a horny mixed race guy who said he had never done this kind of thing before.
He wanted to wear a condom whilst i sucked him , which was fine by me but it also gave him the opportunity to swiftly bend me over , when he was ready , to fuck me in the ass. So , i DID get fucked tonight , feeling the cum spurt from that hot , dark cock , deep inside my ass . Unfortunately though , Guy 7 was camera shy and so i just have the very few pictures that you see . You will also see Guy 8 who came along and joined in , before Guy 7 fucked me hard.


Finally ,to finish the evening Master and i went in to the second car park which is next to the one that we normally use. When we arrived there was a lot of activity around a vehicle as there was a female , out for her birthday and her sexy black chaperone was giving her a birthday present of multiple cocks. She was being quite "fussy" though and so it needed ME to have a word with her companion that it was in her best interest to get a taste of Master Brix's , thick 10 inch cock.
So , i managed to score a female for Master Brix and soon this woman was on her knees giving Master Brix a blow job.
Also , see in the picture where she has squirted on the floor !

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... Master Brixtonian