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22nd September 2010
- A wooded dogging location in W.London.

Tonight was very likely to be my last outdoor dogging session for 2010. The nights are now cooler and winter is approaching. It needs to be 13 degrees or above at night for it to be warm enough for dogging and tonight just crept up above that.

To satisfy as many of our group members as possible, Master decided to take me to TWO dogging locations in the same evening.

We arrived at our first location, West of London at 2100.
As soon as I began to walk in to the woods a pack of about 6 or 8 men were already waiting for me , they were like dogs on heat and they knew that their bitch had arrived. To be honest , I remember little about the event because I was swiftly overwhelmed by 6 guys and their throbbing cocks who were intent on using my mouth and ass.
I do remember that I made sure that the first cock into my mouth was that of a guy who had never been dogging before and had never met a tgirl in his life. He had turned up because of our postings on the internet and he had decided that a tgirl was something that he would like to try . I  always have the utmost respect and admiration for “first time” guys as it must take some courage to try something new . I have introduced MANY first timers to the delights of trans girl mouth and ass and I am very happy to say that every one of them has enjoyed it so much that they always cum back for more and more.

Anyway, back to the men who used me. You can really see the scrum that there was, to thoroughly use my holes. There are 4 cum shots in my mouth from this big bunch of guys . I was so honoured to go home with your cum inside my belly. THANK YOU ALL OF YOU .  

At 2215 Master took me around the M25 for our second location of the evening in North London. We had decided to come here to satisfy our group members who were always asking when I would be taken to N.London again. Our arrival was on time at 2300.
As it turned out NO-ONE turned up and so it seriously calls in to question whether we will even entertain special requests in future . Fortunately , one of the guys who was at the W.London location earlier in the evening had decided to travel up , as he wanted seconds from this slut.
His pictures are below.

The evening was, overall a success as I know many men were pleasured
Master had enjoyed turning me in to an unpaid whore and it got himself in a horny mood.
He decided the only way to end the evening was to
feed me his big black cock and then to fuck my little white ass.  You will see that his is the last load of the evening. 2010_09_22

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... Master Brixtonian