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25th Aug 2012 - A wooded dogging location in N.London.

Publicslut WAS taken to A wooded dogging location in N.London last night.
Appologies for being 10 minutes late guys but lets hope the anticipation just made you hornier!

Regrettably , when we arrived (and we have never witnessed this before) there
were groups of Asian families having barbecues right in front of the sex area. It
was 1015 at night and pitch black , so , we were a little surprised.

It meant that we had to be a little more discreet in the woods.
The major downside though was that I was unable to take any pictures of
publicslut serving the guys

The flash on the camera would have drawn attention in the trees and the last
thing we wanted was for some curious child to come wandering in to the woods to
see what the "pretty lights" were all about.

So , you are just going to have to take my word for it that publicslut pleasured
7 men tonight. We could have stayed longer and she could have pleasured a few
more , but , once the guys from within our group had been taken care of , and
myself, I did not have much enthusiasm to stick around.

Thank You so much to the guys from the group who turned up. Publicslut hasn't
stopped talking about the quality of you guys tonight. You were all outstanding
and she was especially taken with the mousy coloured hair , young lad with the
big cock. She said she would not mind having some "private" time with him ! You
were the one I spoke to in the car park on our way out.
If you are on here and are interested, get back to me.

So , publicslut did her service but I have to admit , it was not the usual
uninhibeted servitude that we are used to from her. We were all always aware of
the families in the area ,so , it put a bit of a dampener on proceedings.

On the way home we checked out the car park in Warren Lane, Stanmore. Some of
you might know it.
We MIGHT consider using that next time. We are not sure
though , since it is a little more complicated for you guys to get to.
Perhaps I am being too harsh on THIS location we visited tonight. Maybe it was a one-off to have
families still barbecue'ing at that time of night ? No idea.


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