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23rd September 2012... Final Dogging of 2012 season - TWO locations

(Part 1 of 2)

Publicslut and I arrived bang on 8.30pm at a N.London location tonight.
The rain was THUNDERING down.
In the past , at our W..London location,  when it has been raining , it has always been possible
to stay dry when under the thick tree cover. So , we were expecting the same here tonight at this N.London location.
The trees here allowed NO relief from the rain.
So pleased to see that 5 or 6 guys from the group had turned up to use
publicslut , even in these horrendous conditions.
Publicslut got to work , unfortunately , she could not take her time or make the
experience as good as normal for these guys , only due to the weather
conditions. She did however make sure that they were served to completion , in
most cases.
You will see in the pictures that she got SOAKED through and her make-up was streaming down her face which was actually quite appealing , as it made her look like a skanky whore.
The guys who braved the weather were superhuman. They actually stood in the down
pour , getting soaked themselves. They are to be commended.
Pleasuring was over by 8.55pm and we had to return to our vehicle and spend 30
minutes just stripping off and sitting inside trying to dry out.

We departed this location at 9.25pm for our second location of the night in W.London.
To be honest , we even considered no bothering and going home as the weather was
so bad.
The thing is we had PROMISED you guys that she would be at the next location for 10.30pm
and did not want to let any of you guys down , who had made the effort on a night like this , to go there.
Fortunately, by 10pm , whilst driving , the rain has stopped. It was going to be
dry for W.London , which lifted our spirits.
So we got to the W.London location at 10.25pm , still no rain and went to the benches as
promised and , guess what ?


I got publicslut to walk around the carpark in her white basque , white
stockings and black 4" heels, like an extreme street walking hooker.
Unfortunately , none of the guys were interested as they were either gay or had
gone there solely looking for women.
By 11pm I decided to call it a day. We drove out of here and parked in a layby on the road, 500m south.
Publicslut pleasured me in our vehicle and two or three cars pulled in and we
let the guys watch through the windows. We even opened the door and allowed
publicslut to give one guy a blow job.

So , to sum it up , the North London guys are STEALTH guys , they come out in
all weathers for a slut. The West London guys , well, what can I say, NONE
turned up , so that speaks volumes.

Conclusion is though , for future dogging events , it has been decided that is
it is raining , then the meet will be cancelled.

See PICTURES of tonights action on the following page...........


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