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Introducing "Posh_Slut"

Another trans girl from the London area who I am pimping , for real , for free , to ALL men when outside dogging.

Posh Slut, is a good girl gone bad, & hopes to emulate London's current Premier Dogging slut, Public Slut. However she will need your participation to make this goal achievable. I hope for the same frenzy as afford publicsluts' appearances to be generated by the emergence of this hot looking cock-slut who want's to be the WHORE that you want to unload in.


On Wednesday May 29th 2013, new tgirl "Posh Slut" was taken out for her "debut", & what a debut it was.

In total she was used by 10 separate men & was given the reward of 6 loads of cum.
On arrival there were already 6 guys waiting to be serviced, with two of that number being group members who'd eagerly been awaiting the "start of the season".
After a brief introduction under the glare of the headlights in the car-park, Posh Slut set off for the seclusion of the wooded area & was followed by a throng of horny expectant men all wanting to blow their jism deep into this willing, wanton slut.
Guy number one was a group member who understood Posh Slut completely. He approached & promptly unzipped himself & forced his way into her mouth without so much as a "hello". Posh Slut, being the dutiful girl that she is, proceeded to suck him him off with gusto & her efforts were rewarded shortly afterwards with a healthy deposit of cum that was eagerly devoured. As a "new girl" Posh Slut did forget that her responsibility was not just to the men present but to those who could only view her exploits online, so she had swallowed her bounty before I could train the camera upon her slut mouth full of a stranger's seed.

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Guy's two & three needed little encouragement to spit-roast Posh Slut, & began working both ends furiously. Guy two (in her mouth) face fucked her so vigorously that she had to take a breath, whilst Guy 3 continued drilling her slut cunt & forcing her ever forwards as he did so.


Both guy two & three departed soon after, but guy 3 did return later to fill her pump his load into her as he fucked her from behind once more.
Taking a break between Guys, I myself fed Posh Slut a length of cock & found a small audience had appeared from nowhere to see the bitch in action.



Being the gentleman that I am, & champion of "the dogger", I promptly removed myself from her tranny-pussy & invited the newly assembled crowd to "partake of the whore". An offer which was quickly accepted by Guy 4 who, just like Guy 1 was a group member & had come with the intention of cumming in Posh Slut. Taking him in her mouth, whilst standing, Posh Slut was treated to a mouthful of cum before she got to her knees & Guy 4 departed happy.


Guy 5 was a larger chap, & Posh Slut showed her slut credentials by ignoring her own personal preferences for men, & sucking his cock with the abandon that she had shown so far that evening & Guy 5 was soon looking for a condom to fuck Posh Slut as he "had missed out on Public Slut, & wasn't missing out on this one". A few voyeurs appeared & Guy 5 decided that he'd had enough, so I ordered Posh Slut to walk around the car park & make herself seen.


Standing 5ft 10" in black heels & wearing a seductive close fitting red evening gown, Posh Slut was given a light show as she paraded herself to the guys in cars in the hope that they would lose their inhibitions & come & give her the cock she craved. The lights were on her for quite some while, but sadly nobody left the safety of their cars at this time, so I decided to move on.


We moved to the second car park a few hundred yards to the left & there Posh Slut found a couple of "newbie's" who like most men had arrived there in the hope of finding a genetic girl. After a brief conversation with Posh Slut, they were swiftly out of their car & they followed us into the woods. Ordering Posh Slut onto her knees, she took both men simultaneously & alternated between sucking & stroking each cock until they both exploded. Guy 6 was anything but shy & even asked to have his face in the pictures. He wasn't a group member when he arrived, but he now knows how to find us & I expect to see his membership request soon. Guy 7 (his mate) was initially cautious, but as Posh Slut began working his pole with her gloved fingers, he relaxed considerably & began holding her head as he rammed himself deeper & deeper into her willing slut mouth. Guys 6 & 7 both came into Posh Slut's mouth who once again had forgotten that she was to wait for instruction prior to swallowing -she's new, but she will learn.


As the second car park offers less discretion, Posh Slut was visible to all who entered the car park & as such there was no break between guys 6 & 7. Again Posh Slut was treated to a spit-roast & was taken roughly by two burly men , guys 8 and 9, who treated her with the disdain due a wanton cock whore on her knees in the woods after dark. Then we were again joined by Guy 3 who this time wasted no time in unloading his hot seed into her mouth after first giving her tranny-pussy a thorough workout.


Guy 10 was another convert & he also found the delights of Posh Slut's mouth too much to bear & he too was to be heard grunting & moaning after a few minutes of Posh Slut's skilful cock sucking technique.



And to finish , here are "group" pictures.......
IMG_0159 (Custom)
IMG_0160 (Custom)
IMG_0165 (Custom)
IMG_0181 (Custom)
IMG_0188 (Custom)
IMG_0192 (Custom)
IMG_0279b (Custom)
IMG_0283 (Custom)
IMG_0287b (Custom)
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Sadly I didn't manage to get Posh Slut to set a new record, but those who came & used her were none-the-less very happy with the service they received. It is my hope that her next outing will prove to be more productive in terms of numbers of men who use her & also the number of lads that she ultimately receives.
Thank you for your support gentlemen. I'll have the bitch out again very soon.

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Go on , TAKE THEM, share them  and post them I need to get the word out about this rare slut. She needs to be pimped more (for free)  and more cock needs to cum to her.
It is my ambition to someday have a place where she can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365.
 If any man has a facility like this in the United Kingdom and can help make it real , please get in touchn touchtouch.