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November 27th 2013 - A wooded dogging location in W.London

An account of the evening by "posh slut"

After the storms at the end of October and the recent rain, it was time to get on my knees dogging again !  Master Brix desired that I be used by as many men as possible, and we once again our location of choice was next to the M25 in Surrey.  Fortunately for me it was a mild and dry night, for rest assured he would have demanded I serve regardless.  Despite a number of announcements of my free and obliging service in the days prior, we knew that a Wednesday night in November may be quiet.  Having taken over 20 guys in one night on my previous dogging night in August, I truly had a deep desire to exceed this !  

We arrived at  about 21:00.  The advantage in the winter is it is dark nice and early. Master Brix had already loosened me up prior to our arrival and I was like a 'bitch' on heat ready to be 'dogged'.  I paraded up and down the car park in my satin light blue dress, my high heels clicking on the Tarmac and my petticoat skirts swishing around my stocking clad legs.  I wore black satin gloves and my red lips were dripping with gloss, hungry for cock and cum.  I was ready for the taking and free to be used by any man looking to dump his load.  We soon set off along the path behind the cafe into the woods.  Master laid out the rug on the floor and I dropped to my knees.  My first user, guy 1, promptly arrived and entered my hungry mouth.  I was so happy to finally have cock in my mouth and quickly set to work with my expert oral skills; they say practice makes perfect and as a true slut, I get plenty of practice.

Master Brix was reassuring the gathered gents I was free, available and there for their pleasure.  Guy number two moved in for some action as well and guy number one moved to my rear and entered my clean well lubed ass. Guy number two then used my mouth and I groaned with satisfaction at being spit roasted in the woods !  It wasn't long before Guy two released his load into my mouth and Master Brix was there with the camera to take pictures of it before I was given permission to swallow every drop of my delicious prize !  After pounding my ass for several minutes, the first guy decided to try my mouth once more before resuming his work in my ass when Guy three joined the party.  For the second time in as many minutes my mouth was full of cum and after the mandatory photo I was finally allowed to savour the sweet nectar once again.  After twice fucking me hard in the ass, the first guy moved to my mouth once again to deposit his generous load. 

After the initial rush to take advantage of my sissy slut services I was left in the woods on my knees awaiting my next cock.  Having watched me satisfy three guys so far, Master decided to reward me by letting me suck on his huge tool which I worship.  I took him deep in my throat as I have been trained to do ! He then entered and my ass for a few minutes to ensure I was loose and ready for my next guys to enjoy. 

Whilst this was happening Master Brix discovered another sissy t-girl watching from the shadows and invited her to audition for him as a possible future 'slut', there was plenty of sex and action warming the dark November night in the woods. 

We walked back to the car park and Master once again suggested I parade in front of the car head-lights to advertise my availability.  Guy number four soon requested my services and I was led into the woods once again in order to get to work.  Being a slut and a cum dump is my dream vocation and given the opportunity I would be serving mens sexual needs all day, every day !  Guy number four firstly enjoyed my deep throating oral skills before laying down for me to ride upon.  I quickly impaled myself on his erect cock and begged him to grab my hips and fuck me deep and hard; he obliged ! With my mouth now available guy number five appeared out of the darkness and I once again was delighted to be receiving two cocks at once.  Guy four then took this sissy bitch 'doggy style' once again and guy five made sure I was truly spit roasted; I loved it ! Back on my knees I worked both cocks in my mouth and even had both in my mouth together at one stage, mmm, I was having a great time.

After Brix had used the other tgirl, the opportunity arose  guy number six to approach and to use me for his pleasure.

With six hot loads of cum now sliding down my throat I was truly happy, yet eager for more. 

Luckily for me Guy 7 showed up.

I returned to the car park and found another guy (it was getting late and quiet).  As I recall it was his first time with a t-girl.  Guy eight loved it and I was rewarded once more with hot cream. 

Despite being a cold night in the middle of the week in November, I'd been well used by nine great guys plus Master Brix.  Master had been watching me perform all night, serving with enthusiasm and giving pleasure to all... he was SO pleased with me.  Master had filled me with his wonderful cream.  It was time to go home.  I can't wait for next time !!

Posh Slut xXx 2013_11_27_posh

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