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July 22nd 2014 - A wooded dogging location in W.London

I could not attend tonight and so PublicSlut Tiffany AND PoshSlut were sent out on their own. Thank You to the guys who agreed to chaperonne them and to the guy who took the pictures. I appreciate it.

The girls were heavilly advertised and arrived to find a group of about 20 men already waiting. They walked in to the woods and laid their ground sheets. Immediately all 20 men gathered around them PLUS another 10 guys , who happened to be at the dogging sight.

The girls swiftly got to work on pleasuring those guys who wanted to be pleasured.

The girls tell me they lost track of how many men and in what order they served them ! They said it was just an onslaught of cocks and most used their mouths and a large proportion used their arses as well. Many guys used both girls and many also had "seconds"

Posh had to leave at 11pm, so , Tiffany returned to the car park and refreshed herself in her camper van. She served a further two guys INSIDE her campervan , she was even fucked in the arse over the seats !

Tiff then left at 1130pm since ALL of the guys from out Yahoo Dogging Group had been served.

Enjoy the pictures.

2014_07_22 Publicsluts Tiffany AND PoshSlut dogging in
IMG_0223 (Custom)
IMG_0224 (Custom)
IMG_0225 (Custom)
IMG_0226 (Custom)
IMG_0227 (Custom)
IMG_0230 (Custom)
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IMG_0233 (Custom)
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IMG_0236 (Custom)
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IMG_0238 (Custom)
IMG_0239 (Custom)
IMG_0240 (Custom)
IMG_0241 (Custom)
IMG_0242 (Custom)
IMG_0243 (Custom)
IMG_0244 (Custom)
IMG_0245 (Custom)
IMG_0247 (Custom)
IMG_0248 (Custom)
IMG_0249 (Custom)
IMG_0250 (Custom)
IMG_0252 (Custom)
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IMG_0254 (Custom)
IMG_0257 (Custom)
IMG_0259 (Custom)
IMG_0260 (Custom)
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IMG_0264 (Custom)
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IMG_0279 (Custom)
IMG_0280 (Custom)
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