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August 5th 2014 - A wooded dogging location in W.London

I could not attend tonight and so PoshSlut were sent out on her own.

Here is HER OWN account about the night.

I was wearing a satin blue 50's dress with corset, gloves and 4 1/2 heels.
I arrived at 21:40 on a warm dry night.  I stopped and chatted on the picnic benches with several guys whilst enjoying a cigarette.
 I then encouraged guys to follow me into the woods and was quickly surrounded by about 15 gents ! It was by now already dark and they needed little encouragement as I explained my purpose and how Master had sent me to serve them.
 I took several loads of hot cum down my throat in rapid succession.  I was then fucked twice.
 I took a brief break back at the picnic benches, before returning to the woods for more.
 This time there were less guys, but one by one they came along and after a quick deep throating they were asking to fuck me.  I was used and fucked like this by about five guys in quick succession (I loved it).  I took one more well needed break before returning one final time to the woods.
 There were some teenagers there, but I went up and chatted with them; they were just hanging out and curious to see what happens, they were not there to cause any trouble.  Indeed I didn't have a single problem all night long.
 On my third visit back in the woods I was used by a few more guys who, swallowing loads and being fucked.  In total I estimate I took at least 20 guys in either my mouth or arse.  With only one exception they all came !! After a great evening I departed just prior to midnight like Cinderella lol.

i am sorry there are not many pictures, the guys were not forthcoming in taking my camera from me and taking the pictures for you guys :-(

Love Marisa xXx


August 5th 2014 - PoshSlut Dogging
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