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May 24th 2015 - A wooded dogging location in W.London


I could not attend tonight and so PoshSlut were sent out on her own.

Here is how she was dressed tonight and HER OWN account about the proceedings.

It was still light when I arrived at the location a few minutes ahead of schedule.  It was a dry warm evening and with a bank holiday the next day, it was certainly busy.  I strolled in my black and white satin print dress over to the picnic benches.  A dozen gentleman got out of their own cars to come and check me out and by the time I lit up a cigarette, there was a dozen guys around me.  I introduced myself as posh slut, which was enough to convey the purpose of my visit ! It transpired a couple of the guys were from the group and one had seen an advert on fab swingers, the others were just there looking for a good time, they were in luck ! 

I advised the assembled crowd I was off to the wooded area in order to obey my masters instructions to serve all men who wished to use me.  It was exciting having so many guys follow me as I walked carefully in my 5 inch heels and found a clear area about 100m from the car park to lay my rug.  After all that walking it was good to get on my knees lol.  I once again introduced myself to all the guys who had gathered around; I explained my purpose and indeed desire to serve all on the instructions of my wonderful master.  I spoke of how pictures would be taken, but only if I performing and only if guys did not object.  I invited them to use me and one of our group members kindly led the proceedings and I opened my mouth to receive his cock and before too long his cum :-) 

As the evening grew darker, more and more guys felt comfortable coming forward.  My thanks go to 'Bob' from our group for kindly taking most of the pictures, the guy is a true gentleman and I obliged him to return the favour ! After swallowing several loads of cum over a period of an hour, I took a short break.  It was good to stretch the legs and to meet more gents in the car park who had since arrived now in the cover of darkness; albeit the moon was shining through the trees allowing the perfect amount of illumination.  As for myself when back in the woods on my knees once more it was all about lubrication, as one after another guy gave me a good hard fucking in the woods.  A final few blow jobs were given with enthusiasm before I headed home in the knowledge I'd satisfied about 15 guys.  In so doing I had also complied with my masters instructions, I hope my master will be pleased with me and am sure he will send me back to the woods again soon !

Posh Slut xXx




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