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July 16th 2015 - A wooded dogging location in W.London

"PoshSlut's" own words.............

Hi Everyone,
I am writing to thank all the guys who came to use and enjoy me on the 18th, it was a pleasure to drop to my knees for you.  Here is a brief account of the night last Saturday (18th): 

Having spent about three hours in the early evening getting ready, I set off like a young classy socialite heading to a cocktail party.  I was wearing a dark pink designer strapless and short taffeta dress, my arms were adorned with black satin opera evening gloves, and I wore satin sandals with a 5 inch heel.  My lips were painted with dark pink glossy glitter lipstick to match my dress and my eyes were smoky hot.  

I arrived promptly at 21:30 as advertised to find a very quiet venue.  In fairness it was still light and thus early.  There were teenagers hanging around in the car park, but they caused no trouble as I paraded past the parked cars and smoked a couple cigarettes on the picnic benches,  As always a few guys came out of their cars to meet me, a couple of guys from this group introduced themselves and I knew I was in for a busy night.  Other guys were not sure of my true gender and were very intrigued to know why I was there; I left them in no doubt as I introduced myself  as 'Posh Slut'.  

I walked into the woods and a couple gentleman helped me lay out my mat upon which I soon dropped to my knees upon.  It was now getting dark, and more guys gathered around as I began to pleasure those who desired to take advantage of my free services at Masters bequest.  I swallowed a few loads of cum, but naturally obliged when one guy wished to cum over my ass cheeks and another all over the front of my cocktail dress.  I retuned to the car park to meet more men and once again a couple others from this group.  

My second trip into the woods was just as exciting as the first and for nearly an hour I was sucking cock and receiving loads of cum down my throat (yummy!).  A good deep hard fucking followed and was watched by many, like a finale to a firework display.  I had to leave promptly on this occasion, but was happy in the knowledge I had satisfied all those that were there during my visit and that I'd return again soon.  

Thank you Master for allowing me to pleasure 'ALL', I am yours ! 

Posh X


July 16th 2015 Poshslut Dogging
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