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June 14th 2019 - at a  wooded dogging location in W.London/Surrey.

"Posh Slut" gives an account , in her own words below.

I had hoped to accompany Public-Slut Tiffany , dogging, last week.

Regrettably I was unable to attend at the last minute and Master was merciful under the circumstances.

So, he instructed me to go on my own at the earliest possible date, to serve the men in our Yahoo Group , the men on his mailing list who are in need of a sluts like me and Tiffany.

So , I attended tonight in order to obey and comply.

It had rained all week, though the clouds parted and the sun set for my arrival tonight.

It was good to see the car park was busy on my arrival.
It was also fantastic that a number of guys were awaiting me and knew my name and my intention to pleasure all.

After a cigarette and a few minutes by the cafe, I walked across the car park and into the woods like Goldilocks followed by several bears !

Despite the previous rain it was not muddy and the moonlight shone through the trees. I set out my picnic mat and eagerly looked forward to being fed cock and to drink cum.

I was not disappointed ! I had a number of guys surrounding me and aiming their cocks at my lips. I naturally obliged them deeply with my mouth and hands. One by one they came heavily over my face, with cum being blasted into my willing mouth and more dripping down and all over my satin red party dress.

 I was subsequently bent over and duly spit roasted, there was quite an audience in attendance enjoying the show.

After receiving several loads of cum and dripping in it from head to toe, I made my way back to the car park. There was no denying what Id been up to and I smiled with pride when I saw my dress in the car headlights, with cum all over it !

My next session was behind the cafe and again I had a group of guys surround and duly relieve themselves upon me following my oral efforts to excite them.
By now I was completely covered in cum having received a dozen hot and heavy loads.

The place was now quieter and a group of teenagers were messing around in the car park; whilst not causing trouble they were an unwelcome and disruptive distraction to all.

I walked around the car park one more time to make myself available; but by then the serious doggers had cum and gone !

Thank you to those wonderful guys who made the effort to attend. I shall be back on my knees again soon !

I am so sorry there is only a handful of pictures , when I go out alone it is hard to take "selfies" or find a guy who is willing to become photographer for the night.

Posh Slut



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