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September 22nd 2019  -  at a wooded location in Surrey.

"Posh slut" gives an account , in her own words below.

I had yet another Sunday night free, so rather than watching Netflix and drinking red wine, Master instructed me to take myself dogging once more.  It had rained that afternoon, but the evening was dry and a little warmer than my last visit.  I arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule and was excited about what was to cum ! 

The car park was extremely quiet, though in fairness it was early.  I went over to the picnic benches and found myself alone for a while, but then an old friend came over to say hello and we chatted for a little bit, they kindly took a few pictures of me.  Then I was approached by a guy who asked if I wanted to play.  As I was heading to the woods anyway I took him with me.  

I was only on my knees for a few seconds before he decided to take me.  His cock was thick, long and hard and he enjoyed grabbing my head and forcing it down my throat.  He then demanded I stand with my legs apart and entered me aggressively.  I was fucked very hard by this enormous cock deep inside me; it made up for an otherwise quiet evening.

A few other guys at hearing my squeals of delight had come to watch.  Following this I served a couple of them with my mouth, but was soon once again on my own.  I stayed in the woods for an hour following my instructions to the letter.  

On my return to the car park it seemed a little busier and I was approached by another guy who desired to enjoy me behind the cafe.  For the second time I had a huge cock buried deep inside me and was treated to an amazing session before he came.  Again the commotion attracted a couple others and a couple blow jobs followed, with one guy dumping is hot load over my face.  

It may not have been as busy as normal and a same I was not covered in cum as normally happens, but I had fun and gave myself freely as Master always instructs.  

I hope to return again this month, but this will depend a lot on the weather and indeed the temperature.  

Pictures are below. Sorry there are not very many , i could not get a guy to volunteer to take any.


Posh Slut xXx


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