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May 22nd 2016  - A wooded dogging location in W.London

"Posh Slut" , Marisa, gives an account of her evening.....


Finally the winter has passed and my hibernation was over.  Despite the threat of showers, the weather improved as the temperature cooled and it was a dry night for my first trip to the west London dogging spot this year.  I was looking forward to having Masters company in this occasion. Regrettably at the last minute he had to cancel, but insisted I continue without him and get on my knees.   

I arrived at exactly 21:30 as advertised and was exited to see the car park so busy; it seemed that everyone was enjoying the opportunity to get out to the woods !  I walked across the car park in my short cocktail party dress, smoking a cigarette whilst wearing my satin black gloves.  Car doors were opening and I wasn't alone for long.  I chatted briefly to a number of guys some who's I'd met before and they explained to the others, who I was and how they knew what I was going to do next; and I did ! 

I walked into the woods and laid out my rug I'm a clearing a short distance from the car park. There was moonlight and the guys could see a pretty young blonde t-girl drop to her knees with her glossy red lips waiting to serve.   

This time though it was not my mouth which was put to use first. One guy was very eager to fuck me and I willingly obliged and received his deep thrusts as he came hard safely inside me. Following this I was surrounded by hard cocks awaiting attention and set to work at the task in both hands.  A couple more of the guys duly fucked me as well and every time a guy left satisfied, someone new would arrived.  I was there, busy on my knees in the moonlight for about 90 minutes. When I finally stood, cum was dripping from my dress as a few guys had enjoyed spunking all over me, which incidentally I love !   

I left having pleasured at least a dozen guys, not bad for the start of the season.  Master was pleased with my performance and rewarded me the following night, by fucking me with his huge black cock on the balcony of my apartment.  He has demanded I return to the same dogging spot again this coming Sunday, 29th May 2016,  and that I take even more cum than before.  So I will see you guys soon and thank you for those who gave it to me last weekend and furthered my training as a cum slut for all men!   

Posh Slut xXx


PICTURES from the night.


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