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Why is this the ONLY genuinely Free dogging website on the internet with THOUSANDS of free dogging pictures?



*** Latest News  ***

The "Publicsluts" were two tgirls who used to be taken dogging , to serve the cocks of all men.

The project finished in 2021 and they no longer get whored out.

So , this website is now just a historical record of what happened in the past.

Here you will be able to read accounts and see hundreds of free pictures of these sluts serving hundreds of cocks.

The blond , "Posh Slut" is now off the scene.

The dark haired one , Tiffany is still available to serve cock, maybe even YOUR cock !

You can find Tiffany and be able to contact her, by visiting her own free website ---> Tiffany


Let me tell you the publicsluts' story...
I am  Black Bull "Master X" and I have an insatiable appetite for watching and training submissives to be used as sluts and cum dumps, outdoors, in the woods.

I believe that fems should be filled with cock at every possible opportunity.

I realise that some gurls crave the desire to serve superior, DOMINANT MALES and their nasty, kinky, twisted minds.

Finding a true, devoted, eager submissive to fulfil this role though is difficult. Many Masters search for decades and still never find one with the right temperament, genuine desire, suitable looks or sexual ability and stamina.

Master X  has TWO willing , compliant, cock whores who he pimps (for free) to ALL men, outdoors , dogging.

His first trainee was (is) PublicSlut Tiffany, acquired in 2010.

PublicSlut Tiffany is clean living , She does not take drugs and drinks alcohol on social occasions only.
She is fully consenting and has entered into a binding contract with Master X to enter a lifetime of training of slut development, of her own free will. Her ownership and control by Master X is limited though to dogging only and serving men in public places. Outside of these expeditions , she is free to choose whichever men she wishes to pleasure ,in her own spare time, with her own choice.

Her outdoor training though WILL develop into the depths of debasement and de-humanising and so Master X welcomes contact from OTHER Masters who are into serious kink development, who can bring other depraved ideas to fruition. Contact is also encouraged from animal and farm owners.

"Master X believes that in me, he has FOUND the basis of a true submissive, an obedient, cock craving slut and is training me to fulfil my dreams of daily wanton, sluttish, debauched behaviour to reach my goal of becoming the PREMIER PUBLIC USE SLUT ON THE INTERNET" - tiffany xxx

Let me tell you more about  "PublicSlut", Tiffany.


You will see from  pictures on this site that PublicSlut, Tiffany is a slim, sexy, mature T-girl .

The word “T-girl” encompasses many forms of transgendered individuals including crossdressers , transvestites, ladyboys and shemales.

Tiffanyis categorised as a transvestite, but  answers to the names SLUT, WHORE, COCK SUCKER, or whatever name men see fit to use at any time.

She lives most of her life as a “woman” and is, by everyday standards, attractive and "convincing". She is smooth all over and has long, natural hair and nails. She is feminine in voice and gait. She is also EXTREMELY passive, and compliant in demeanour when she is attending to the sexual needs of MEN.

She has ABSOLUTELY NO interest in women or other T-girls. Only ACTIVE MASCULINE MEN stimulate  her  physically and mentally.

In her private life, she EXCLUSIVELY serves Black Men as a BBC plaything, tending to all of their sexual needs, however deviant they may be.  She can be purchased by white men though, those who want her all to themselves, one-on-one, in private.

However, Master X has decided that when she is OUTDOORS IN PUBLIC SITUATIONS she will no longer be THAT exclusive, as she is now to SERVE ALL MEN REGARDLESS OF RACE. As a BLACK OWNED WHORE , she is being "pimped" (for free) to serve the whole of mankind.

Master X will take her to outdoor dogging locations or indoor venues like sex cinemas or swingers clubs, where she is ordered and expected to pleasure all colours, shapes and sizes of men and cock.

Master X makes available for use, Tiffany's mouth and ass to pleasure cocks orally and anally OUTDOORS IN PUBLIC LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT LONDON & THE SOUTH EAST.

Tiffany can also be tied, pissed on and her ass can be fisted.

Master X takes care of the wellbeing of his bitches in training and so PublicSlut Tiffany ALWAYS has safe sex WITHOUT EXCEPTION. She WILL suck cock without a condom to completion, but anything in her ass MUST have a condom or latex glove (if it is for a fist). She is also being trained to drain any cum YOU leave in condoms, to show her appreciation for being fucked by YOU. She is being trained to consume gallons of cum.

Master X is actively training and regularly “pimping” Tiffany out to groups of men who have hard cocks that need to be serviced.  She will pleasure men completely FREE of charge, when outdoors dogging, as she is eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve Master X by willingly pleasuring the hard cocks of RANDOM STRANGERS.

Often Master X will take pictures of Tiffany's service to cock, however these are only taken with the consent of the cock owner. In any pictures a guys face is NEVER shown  as he understands that you need to be discreet and do not want to the world to know that you have used a T-girl slut to release your sexual tensions. 

Master X has a desire to make Tiffany the INTERNET'S PREMIER PUBLIC USE SLUT, any pictures capturing Tiffany's efforts help towards making this goal a reality. Pictures are NOT compulsory. She will still orally pleasure your cock and give you access to her ass if you decline having your picture taken.

Master X is especially active in the Summer months here in the London area, due to the warm, dry evenings. These evenings provide ample opportunity to transport PublicSlut to outdoor dogging locations and put her to work, pleasuring as many cocks as possible that need to be relieved, either with her mouth, her ass or both.

Outdoor servitude stops COMPLETELY in the cooler months of October to May.

Tiffany is here to serve cock ! She can serve YOUR cock too, with no questions asked.

Browse through the site to see how I have captured Tiffany doing what comes naturally to a slut, which is serving multiple hard cocks from HORNY STRANGERS & drinking COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CUM. 

As a true and willing cock slut, She is only truly happy when she is sucking on dick!

Tiffany can now be found at :

Let me tell you about my 2nd slut,  "Posh Slut".




In the Summer of 2013, Master X collared "Posh Slut". This sweetly , well spoken , well mannered and well groomed tgirl is the perfect candidate to be taken down off her high horse and be debased and dragged in to the depths of serving cock !

She is always immaculately dressed and sweet looking , which makes it an even greater pleasure to see her broken down , put on all fours and be made to turned in to a cum guzzling whore.

She is proving to be as compliant , submissive and eager to please as Tiffany.

With TWO tgirls now under MY control at least one of them (if not both) should appeal to you enough to make you want to get outdoors and use these sluts for you OWN pleasure. 

In the contact section , join MY announcement group on Yahoo Groups to learn of where and when I will be taking these sluts. YOU can come along and use them.

MY sluts want YOUR cock to be there. 

MY sluts want to give YOU pleasure and also crave the gift of YOUR cum down their throats.

Help ME TRAIN these sluts to wantonly service YOUR HARD COCK!


Regrettably it is a fine line training , controlling and keeping sluts in service and servitude. After all , we don't want to turn-off their devotion and risk loosing them.
So there are SOME limits that i must allow when you use my sluts :

They WILL NOT serve Women, CD's/Tv's . They are NOT attracted to them.
They WILL NOT serve older men (pensioners). Infact, around aged 55 is the upper limit of men whom they will pleasure.
They WILL NOT serve the grossly overweight. If you have to push the fat in just to reveal your cock then they going to find you a big turn off ! If you don't care about your body , why should they?
They WILL NEVER bareback (anal penetration without a condom) !

I do not post on websites, or even this website, dates or locations of when and where I will be pimping my sluts out (for free)

Are YOU curious about cross dressing yourself ?

Publicslut RECOMMENDS the following :

In our opinion , the BEST quality (for the money)

female lingerie and clothing cut specifically

for the male body.


It is my ambition to someday have a place where slut Tiffany can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365. If anyone has such a place, in U.K or abroad, , a home , back room of a shop or business premises, a barn etc...please get in touch.


All images on this site are copyright  of
The owner
GIVES permission to ANYONE and EVERYONE to download, view, keep or post them anywhere on the internet or any form of media. The only condition on this is that the pictures must not be altered or cropped in any way and that the watermark must remain intact on each picture.
Go on , TAKE THEM, share them  and post them – I need to get the word out about this rare slut. She needs to be pimped more (for free)  and more cock needs to cum to her.