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August 24th  2016 
- Devils Dyke , Brighton area.  

Tiffany writes.........

On Thu 25th August I found myself in the Brighton area of the UK.

With free time in the evening I decided to check out the dogging site in Devils Dyke.

Master Brix posted a short notice of my attendance on his yahoo group database.

I had never been there before, so did not know what to expect.

I was gorgeously tanned and so had no need for stockings tonight. I was wearing my shocking pink beach dress and just 2 inch clear persex heels. It just seemed more fitting for this hot , summer evening.

I arrived at the car park listed on the internet as it was getting dar ( about 9pm)

Immediate a HUNK of a man pulled up in his car beside me. Gosh , he was so bloody handsome.

He told me that it was to be his FIRST EVER experience with a tgirl but that he had been longing for one for ages.

Since any mans “first time” is VERY special , I decided to take him inside my campervan , pull the curtains and lock the doors , for privacy and to make his moment more special.

My campervan is VERY small inside , you cannot even stand up inside it , so , action was limited.

However , I did manage to let him explore my body , before I explored his and brought him to a wonderful oral climax.

After he had left, I hovered around the side door of my campervan.

Other men arrived in cars.

I sucked and swallowed a businessman type of guy , before the arrival of another guy.

Gosh – it was a guy from Mater Brix’s list. He had managed to see the post that only gave 1hrs notice !

This horny man had actually travelled to our surrey location in the past , so he knew the score and that I was just there to serve.

I sucked this man for a while but his main goal was my arse ! He fingered my hole and then told me what he really wanted to do was FIST me !

Oh dear, although thrilled , my travelling had not really provided me with the time and ideal facility for me to give myself the deep anal cleansing that is required to take a mans fist. I had to tell him I was sorry , but it was impossible for him to fist me tonight , as I was not deeply cleaned.

We agreed though that , when I next go to our Surrey location that , after all the guys have finished using my ass for their dicks , THEN he can fist me.

So , instead I continued to suck him , interspersed with bending over my vehicle for him to finger my hole as he wanked.

During this , another man with a huge cock joined in and face fucked me.

Neither of these men shot their loads , as we were constantly interrupted by cars pulling in and out , cars containing men who were just voyeurs or too shy to “play”.

To end the night, one of these guys showed me the other dogging car park in that area.

When we got there , the must have been 8 cars in there and 10 guys !

The thing is , all of these guys were gay guys , and , gay guys have no interest in tgirls like me.

So , I just had a lovely chat with them and then left them to THEIR fun after 10 minutes.

I am glad to have found another dogging location and , should I find myself in that area again , I will definitely visit Devils Dyke for dogging.




P.S No pictures were taken as I did not have my camera with me.

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