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August 27th  2016 
- A wooded location W.London/Surrey.  

slut Tiffany writes.........


I arrived with Master Brix at the specified location in Surrey on time at 9pm.

I was wearing a shocking pink , light, summer dress with no stockings , as my bare legs were nicely tanned after my frequent trips to the seaside.

When we arrived there were lots of cars in the car park and lots of men mingling around.

We went to the picnic tables for a cigarette which was also the meeting point for men whom had been previously informed of my appearance.

I was greeted by two beefy, hunky, good-looking men who had connected to us on a website called Fabswingers.

After a few minutes , Master Brix ordered me to walk in to the woods to begin serving cock.

The two men followed and also some others.

I prepared my blanket on the ground , as the men approached.

I immediately get to work on pleasuring the men.

Regrettably , I could not find my usual camera before I left home , so , we decided to try and take pictures using my mobile phone.

Regrettably, as you will see , the pictures turned out in very poor quality.

The upshot was though , Master Brix decided to use the video option on my mobile phone and he did shoot 5 or 6 excellent videos which capture the flavour of my servitude.

Guys 1 and 2

These beefy , hunky men were on me like a shot.

I dutifully took it in turns to suck on their throbbing cocks as they manhandled me , kept my face in a headlock and face fucked me.

Then , one of them instructed me to stand and bend over , as he grabbed a condom and then I found myself being spit roasted ( fucked in the ass whilst my mouth was fucked by the other guys cock)

They used me heavily. I love being man handled and mistreated and used like a whore. I am honoured that they made the trip especially to use me .

I have no idea if they cum or not , it was all such a blur.

I will be so pleased to be their compliant , sub slut any time they desire in the future J

Below are their pictures PLUS some videos (at the bottom of the page)  of them using me.


Guy 3 and 4

Two guys had been watching the previous scene and stepped forward to use me.

Again , I pleasured their cocks with my mouth , in turn , until one of them grabbed a condom and shoved his cock up my arse. I rode his cock whilst I sucked the other guy.

The guy fucking me shot his load and Master Brix ordered me to drain the condom in to my mouth and swallow that mans gift.

Pictures appear below.


No more men were lined up , but , Master Brix had gotten horny watching those previous four guys abusing me , so , he decided to give me some abuse too.

Master Brix has such a big , black cock and , although he was not even fully hard , he still made me gag , drool and almost vomit on his cock going deep down my throat. A video appears at the bottom of the page.

There were no longer any men , needing my services, in the woods , so we walked back to the car park.

There were still quite a few men in the car park and even 3 or 4 other tgirls.

One VERY attractive , blonde tgirl though was just teasing the men. She looked so gorgeous and fuckable , yet , she obviously had her own agenda. Maybe she was just waiting for a gorgeous hunk to come along ? The thing is , her behaviour and appearance just turned the men on BUT she was not playing with ANY of them ! Her antics I shall call “cock blocking”. Just seeking lots of attention from men but doing NOTHING to serve them.

Master Brix confirmed to me that he was glad that I was his slave. That I would never tease or cock block , that he had trained me to pleasure EVERY single man who requested my servitude.

We decided to leave that car park , since the cock blocker was stopping all of the action and drove the 200m to the next car park. Only 4 cars were there.

We parked next to one car and Master Brix soon got chatting to the occupant.

He was a 74yr old guy , “Mr.R”.

Master Brix believes that ALL men should be served by a slut and soon ordered me to get down on my knees and pleasure him.

He had a very decent sized cock and was very virile , for a 74yr old.

He was Guy 5 , His pictures are below.


Before going home , we decided to drive back to the main car park.

There were still LOTS of men there. The cock blocker was still there too though , unfortunately.

Master Brix announced to all the men that I was there to serve ANY of them and , if they required my servitude, that they were to follow me in to the woods.

Several men followed and I found a place to lie my rug on the ground.

Soon I was working on cock again with my mouth.

A dark skinned man became Guy No.6 and soon he shot his cum in my mouth and Master Brix made me savour it and then swallow it.

Pictures below


Next came Guy No. 7

Pictures below.


Guy No. 8 was a Muslim gentleman . I sucked on his dark meat , he shot his load in my mouth , I savoured and swallowed.

Pictures below.


All in all it was a good night and I was an unpaid whore to 8 men in total.

I would have been able to serve more if the tgirl cock blocker had not been there, distracting the men from actually playing.

I am honoured that Master Brix deigns to continue my training as a cock whore and I thank all of you men for feeding my mouth and fucking me in the ass for your pleasure.

I look forward to my next dogging servitude.

Videos, shot on the night , appear below.




Click on the picture to open the video in a new window


Video 1 - Tiffany sucking cock

( 1:12 Minutes long , 30mb )

Video 2 - Tiffany sucking cock

( 0:47 Minutes long , 20mb )

Video 3 - Tiffany spit roasted

( 0:35 Minutes long , 15mb )

Video 4 - Tiffany sucking cock

( 0:29 Minutes long , 9mb )

Video 5 - Tiffany drinking cum from condom

( 0:39 Minutes long , 16mb )

Video 6 - Tiffany gagging on Master Brix's cock

( 1:16 Minutes long , 32mb )

Video 7 - Tiffany swallowing cum

( 0:12 Minutes long , 2.5mb )

Video 8 - Tiffany pleasuring two cocks

( 0:46 Minutes long , 10.5mb )


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