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September 10th2016  - A wooded dogging location in W.London

"Tonight i pimped out BOTH of my publicsluts to ALL men.
Since it the time of year when it is "back to school" I ordered them to be dressed in their school uniforms.
Tonight , exams were to be held on their cock sucking abilities, taking cock in their ass and piss drinking.

Here is how they looked.

We arrived at the location at 9pm.
Guys from the mailing list were already waiting.

I ordered the girls to walk in to the woods and a group of 6 guys followed.

The girls laid their blankets on the ground and got to work on the guys cocks.

Stars were awarded for making their cocks nice and sloppy , extra stars were awarded for forcing themselves down to the base and gagging on their cocks.

What followed next was 45 minutes of debauchery. The girls sucking on cocks , the girls swapping the cocks, swapping cum and the girls on their knees (or standing) and taking the cocks up their arse holes.

They swallowed the guys loads and swapped cum loads between themselves.

They both exceeded expectations in the first part of their exams and so , we returned to the car park when a natural hiatus arrived.

Upon returning to the car park , Police were in attendance.

Police often attend this location - they go there ONLY to keep the public and doggers SAFE from "boy racers" . They DO NOT go there to halt the activities , since it is NOT illegal here in the U.K.

They had lined up a group of about 12 young lads and were questioning them.

However , in all honesty , the lads had not been causing any trouble and were probably just young lads who had come along to watch ( maybe even join in - we will never know!)

Unfortunately , the presence of the Police made many of the doggers, who were present , drive off. Also , new doggers driving in to the car park would see the Police vehicle and immediately drive out.

So , the dogging was killed for about 30 minutes.

Guys , if you ever see Police at a dogging spot , dont panic , there are nearly always there to protect people - they are not there to take your name and move you on or anything.

Although the car park had cleared quite a bit , another 2 guys from my mailing list had shown up and needed to be taken care of.

I ordered the sluts back in to the woods , where they dutifully served them.

During this further 30 minute session another 2 guys strolled past , saw the action and decided that they needed a piece of these sluts.

So , all in all , the sluts pleasured about 10 guys tonight. It would have been a lot more if the car park had not cleared out.

I even managed to use the sluts myself tonight , having them suck and gag on my big Black dick.

The sluts surpassed all expectations tonight and passed their exams with flying colours. On balance , the accolade of "Head Girl" was awarded to dark haired Tiffany. She wins it on balance because , during the night when I needed to take a piss , she dutifully opened up her mouth and throat and swallowed it all , she did not miss a single drop of my steaming, golden nectar. She returned home with a belly full of cum and piss.

Pictures of the night appear below.

LOTS of VIDEO was shot tonight. I am spending the day editing it , it will also appear , linked on this page , within the next 48hrs, so do come back in a day or two."

Dogging Master Brixtonian

click on the first picture, a slideshow will open up in a new window where you can scroll through ALL of the pictures.

If you see yourself in a picture and would like a copy , just get in touch and I will send it to you.


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