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September 25th 2016  - A wooded dogging location in W.London

"Publicslut Tiffany"  gives an account of her evening below ...

"An almost disastrous night.
I knew Dogging Master Brix had spent THREE DAYS on Fabswingers and Craiglist advertising my presence on this day.

He responded directly to over 100 enquiries. Add to that the 900 men in his Yahoo Group who had been given plenty of notice.

DOZENS said they were going to attend "for sure".

So , when we arrived at the stated place and time , ONLY TWO GUYS were present for me.

This has to be the worst result ever !

I do not know why people say they will DEFINITELY be there and then , do not show up !

Naturally i was a little disappointed and i know Master Brix was , after all the hard work he had put in.

At the end of the night we even had a discussion about just closing it all down.

I mean , CONSISTENTLY only a handful of guys from our Yahoo Group and the internet ever turn up. The rest of the men just happen to be at this very busy location on the night. Thank goodness this usually takes my serving to over a dozen men on any given night. It just seems logical to do away with the internet altogether and save all of that work and hassle and just go out dogging , un-announced on our own, and just serve the men who happen to be there.

Anyway , I am sure that discussion will continue at a later date and a decision will be made.

So , i arrived and there were two men waiting for me.

One was an Indian lad from Slough , the other a white guy , a "white van man".

Both of them were VERY sexy and i was excited to walk that walk , deep in to the woods , so i could drop to my knees and pleasure them.

One after the other i took their cocks in to my mouth and brought them to orgasm . How lovely !

Master Brix and i walked back to the car park and another tgirl parked up.

Master Brix was horny , so he took her around the back of a brick building and made her gag on his cock and he fucked his 10 inches deep in to her ass.

The Indian lad from earlier took ME behind the brick building too and i soon had his cock spunking again with my talented mouth.

With all of this action behind the brick building , it soon brought a crowd of men wanting a piece of me and the other tgirl.

Soon i was sucking on LOTS more cocks - so - the night turned out OK after all ! Only thanks to the passing doggers though!

Pictures had been taken of me serving the two guys deep in the woods. They appear below.

No pictures were taken of the other guys that i pleasured behind the brick building.

Thank You so much to the two guys who made the effort to turn up on this chilly night.




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> 2016_09_25
Dogging 25th September 2016
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