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May 4th 2017  - A wooded dogging location in W.London/Surrey


Here is the account in the sluts own' words.
Master and I arrived on schedule at 21:30 at the location to find a busy car park and
lots of guys wandering around which filled us with encouragement.
I walked from the car to the picnic benches in my knee length red taffeta dress.
Master had chosen this as any cum upon it would show up really clearly.

We were joined by a few guys as I smoked a cigarette and they were delighted
to here of Masters imminent plans for me.  

After walking back across the car park and beyond the wooden gates to the clearing in the woods,
a large group of guys were in pursuit.  It only took a minute of my kneeling down
to be completely surrounded by men and hard cocks; I was in my element and got to work
giving multiple blowjobs and assistance to the guys.

They seemed to like the idea of spunking all over me and very quickly
I received my first load of cum all over the bodice of my dress and breasts,
followed quickly by a second.
The guys now clearly knew what the intention was and gathered closer with renewed enthusiasm
to degrade me and give me the honour of being showered in cum.  

It was difficult for Master to get anywhere near me to take pictures
as the scrum of guys surrounded me.  Load after load of hot yummy cum was sprayed upon me:
some guys hitting my face and open mouth, whilst others seemed happy to trash my designer dress.
 Naturally any cum which reached my mouth was promptly savoured and swallowed,
I then helped clean each guys cum and cock with my tongue and thanked him for giving me his seed.  

Within a short space of time I'd been covered in eight hot loads of cum,
which was dripping from my face, shoulders and dress !
We took a quick break back in the car park, which was subtlety quieter than before,
simple because many guys had cum and gone, satisfied at finding a deposit for their sweet juice.

Our second trip into the woods was quieter and more orderly, with a further four guys
enjoying my services and posing for pictures of having their cocks in my mouth.
A further four heavy loads of cum showered my dress and face and I looked
like the cheap sissy cock hound that Master wanted me to be.  

I stood in a number of car headlights for all to see with cum dripping from all over me;
but my public outing was not over.
After we left Master took me for a walk along a busy local high street
past numerous members of the general public;
it was obvious to all what had occurred and Master enjoyed seeing me parade for him in this way.
Our night was now over, but plenty of guys were satisfied and it was a good turn out
for a chilly night in early May.
It bodes well for the summer ahead and my frequent visits to serve Masters desire to see me used by many.

Posh Slut xxx


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