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October 13th 2017  - a  wooded dogging location in W.London/Surrey.

Posh slut gives an account in her own words.



Master and I arrived on time at 22:00 and the car park was busy.  There is a cafe at the location and, strangely, it was open.  It transcends they now serve refreshments to those dogging at the weekends.  As a result, everyone was out of their cars and drinking hot drinks on the benches socialising.
I smoked a cigarette and chatted to a number of guys and a couple further t-girls who I'd met on previous visits. 


After a few minutes, Master announced I was heading to the woods and onto my knees and we set off.
Over the next few minutes it transpired that we were the catalyst, as I think just about everyone joined us in the woods, there was quite a crowd and a lot of action started.

For my part I set to work on sucking several cocks, though with so much happening some guys were holding back on "cumming too early" as they described it ! One particularly well endowed gentleman decided to fuck me 'doggy' style and a large group of guys watched as he pounded deep and hard into me with another cock deep in my throat !

Master was nearby telling everyone about our website and taking pictures, because there were
no apparent yahoo group members in attendance; where were you guys ?


After receiving about four loads of cum all over my face and satin red dress, we headed back to the cafe and met more guys.  I introduced myself to each guy there as 'posh slut' and explained my purpose.  After doing so, I headed behind the cafe alone, though not for long. What followed was yet another en masse gang bang with another girl helping me out, there were two mouths to satisfy the dozen plus hard cocks needing attention. 
I received a few more loads of cum, over my face, chest and dress; I was dripping in spunk and Master was pleased to see me so well used and took plenty of pictures. 


Following a good evening we got into the car to depart, but after seeing all the action, Master obviously wanted some attention himself.  We parked in a further car park a little further down the lane and Master used me hard ! As he did so we gained quite an audience as more people arrived in this car park.
After Master was satisfied I was fucked by one of the guys and gave a blow job to another.

It was now getting late, though it had been a good night with warm dry weather.  Hopefully we'll get out again in the coming weeks; and hopefully a few group members will actually show up as well.

Posh Slut xXx

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October 13th 2017  Poshslut Dogging
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