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May 24th to 28th 2017  - 5 nights in a row , at a  wooded dogging location in W.London/Surrey.

"Posh slut" gives an account , in her own words below.

I suggested to Master that the weather was looking good for the week ahead and that I had the evenings free.  I naturally expected him to pick one night and for him to take me dogging.  Instead Master set me the challenge of the dogging equivalent of a marathon ! I was to go dogging for each of five nights. On each I was to arrive by ten o'clock and to prevail myself on my knees in the woods of any man that wished to use me; I dutifully obeyed. 

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For the first night (Wednesday 24th) I wore a bright red satin dress and headed into the woods after a cigarette.  The ground was dry and the temperature warm.  I was quickly surrounded and had a busy time with a cock in each hand, one in my throat and guys grabbing my breasts and arse.  I gave about a dozen blow jobs, was fucked twice and was rewarded with nine loads of cum all over my face, shoulders and satin dress. 

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The second (Thursday 25th ) and third (Friday 26th) nights followed a similar theme.  I wore a bright blue taffeta dress and a satin green dress respectively. On the Thursday night there was a police presence in the car park when I arrived.  The police don't mind the dogging as long as it's done away from the car park after dark; it transpires some idiot was having a barbeque and was letting fireworks off in the woods (think forest fire).  Once sorted, the police left and the dogging resumed as normal.  On both the second and third nights with the good weather, the car park became busy and I made two separate trips into the woods; each time satisfying the several guys that joined me and taking load after load all over my face and dress.  Every night without fail I was covered, indeed dripping in cum. 

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For the fourth night (Saturday 24th) I wore a cream satin dress and although I arrived on time was only able to stay for an hour; I made sure no time was wasted and spent it on my knees with a handful of blow jobs given and a few loads dumped upon me.  I was also fucked hard from behind by two guys, which I confess I really enjoyed !

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My final night (Sunday 25th) followed the same format; it was not as busy as I'd hoped for a bank holiday weekend, perhaps because of forecast rain.  Fortunately it stayed dry to midnight and I had time to satisfy those that were there.  I was fucked twice and once again showered in several loads of cum after giving encouraging blow jobs !


In all over five nights, I believe I satisfied about 50 guys, had five beautiful classy dresses covered in spunk, was fucked several times; and to be honest I loved it. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and used me; a few group members were there on various nights. 

Master had planned to join me for the finale on Sunday
night but regrettably could not make it at the last minute; alas despite this I had followed my instructions and Master was pleased. I am sure he and I will return soon.


Posh Slut xXx


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