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July 22nd 2018 - at a  wooded dogging location in W.London/Surrey.

"Posh slut" gives an account , in her own words below.


After a very sunny day, I was definitely up for a hot night of action dogging.  Master was not with me on this occasion, but as always, his instructions were very clear; get on your knees slut and take every cock without question or hesitation!  I arrived early and the darkness was settling in, but the temperature was perfect and as a result the place was electric with activity.  There were a number of regular women on site and I was concerned this would distract the guys, but simply like the majority of regular women in life they were not putting out; I made it clear to all the guys I was. 


My first excursion into the woods was alone, but with so many people there and it also being the first action of the night, I soon had a very large crowd of spectators.  A lot of people were just curious and wanted to see what this girl in her pink prom dress was up to.  Again, I was obliged to introduce and explain my intentions as not a single group member was in attendance.  One by one the guys came up to use my mouth.  One by one they shot their load over my face and into my open mouth, with the cum dripping onto my breasts and satin dress.  In all in this first session I sucked a dozen guys cocks, was showered in several loads of hot cum and was fucked just the once, but it was still early. 


After a brief break and chat in front of the cafe in the picnic benches, I headed behind the cafe with a gentleman who was eager to use me.  I found a further picnic bench there and this quickly became my new home.  The guys just somehow seemed to keep finding me, and once I had satisfied them, they’d disappear again.  I always thank the guys for ‘cumming’ lol ! The focus now turned to my being repeatedly fucked bent over the picnic bench.  In total I was taken by five guys there, a couple of them choosing to climax inside me, with the others showering my face in generous shots of hot spunk, I was truly dripping with cum !


As the night was going so well I stayed longer than normal, to ensure every guy that desired to use me was satisfied.  With this in mind I went back to the clearing in the woods and got back on my knees.  Three guys in very quick succession moved in to receive my oral attention, with each blowing their copious spunk all over me.  Yet I still wasn’t done and I another trip behind the cafe saw me on my knees receiving yet more cock and cum, another three loads !


As there were no group members present it was a challenge to explain my need for and to obtain pictures, though many of the guys agreed kindly to my taking cock in mouth selfies. In total I had six guys fucking me & between 15-20 showering me in hot cum.  In addition, there are always a few guys who like to get sucked but get shy and then disappear before I can get that sticky treat from them lol.  So I estimate I serviced 30 guys on this visit.  I hope Master will be pleased with my efforts and determination to be a true ‘Posh-slut’ !  We’ll no doubt be there again soon and will post when doing so.  So cum along and enjoy the fun next time, all are welcome and gratefully ‘received’ !


Posh Slut xXx

P.S i am sorry there are not many pictures. It is simple when Dogging Master is present as he has the camera and is able to take dozens of pictures.

On my own it is hard to convey to strangers why i would like pictures. It would be ideal if just one guy who knows all about me and this website , who turns up on the night, can take my camera from me and take lots of shots.

As it was , the 3 or 4 action pictures below were "selfies" , taken by myself. 


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