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June 2nd 2019 - at a  wooded dogging location in W.London/Surrey.

"Publicslut Tiffany" gives an account , in her own words below.


Master Brix had been advertising my presence on various contact sites for the past 48hrs. In that time he had told over 150 men who had approached him about this website and my servitude to men as a sex slave. They had approached HIM as he was advertising and they said that they wanted to come along. Many said they would. The reality was that with these "new" men, only one or two actually turned up.

Would someone please explain to me why guys get in touch REQUESTING information and saying that they will attend and then not come along at all ?

I just feel sorry for Master Brix and the time and effort that he puts in to it all.

He and myself are fairly relaxed about it though , i mean , they have all the details , they come or they dont. In the end , THEY are missing out and there will be lots of guys at THIS location anyway ( as it is always a busy place) so THOSE men will get to be pleasured. We ARE relaxed about it , however , we are just perplexed at why guys who say they will come along end up not doing so ? Not just one or two , but over a dozen.

I did not go dogging at all in 2018 as i tend to spend my Summers travelling abroad these days.

Tonight "Posh Slut" was intended to be joining me , however , she had to cancel at the last minute. That was a shame , as it is always wonderful serving along side of her. We get on so well and make a great sex provider team.

"Posh Slut" has more opportunity for dogging than i do and , looking at her pictures from last year , i was a touch envious about seeing her in her satin outfits covered in spunk !

So , tonight i decided to wear my pinkish satin secretary blouse , satin mini skirt and 14 clasp satin suspender belt , matched with satin open ass panties and lurex fishnet stockings.

I had my "sissy" and "slave" earrings in and my condoms were strapped to my waist.

It was a balmy, warm , Summer evening and Master Brix was there with me.

When we arrived, Master Brix made me do a slut walk in the car park , to advertise my presence to all of the horny men.

We were greeted by three or four guys from our yahoo group mailing list who were there to be served.

So , we all moved to our "starting" position , which is hidden away from the car park area and general mingling area, in order to allow our mailing list men priority , uninterrupted service.

i laid down my ground sheet , dropped to my knees and beckoned them towards me.

In this "first session" , as you will see from the pictures below , i pleasured EIGHT men in a row. Regrettably , none of them requested to fuck me in the as , so , i just used my mouth on them instead. They all shot their loads over me and , as you can see from the pictures , by the end of it i was dripping in cum. i felt wonderful , knowing that they had used me as a sex object purely to get themselves off.

We went back to my vehicle , for me to replace my lipstick.
i left the cum in my hair , on my chest and all over my blouse.

It felt so good knowing that i became a cum slut ,
covered in the cum of all of these Alpha Males.

For round two , we went to a less hidden area , ones that guys tend to check out frequently.
At first , it was just Master Brix and myself , as him seeing me being used and dripping in cum had gotten him aroused.

i sucked him and then he fucked me in the ass with his big black cock.

This drew a small crowd of about 6 guys.
i went on to serve 3 of these guys, so , i served a total of about 12 guys tonight.
We must not forget though the guy whom i never got to touch . He just stood a few feet away watching the "live sex show" that was going on in front of him, whilst he wanked his cock.
Out of the blue , he just strode over to me and shot his load all over me. What a surprise , what a delight, more cum to be covered in :-)

All in all a wonderful evening and i am so pleased that Master Brix pimps me out to men ( free of charge) and makes me provide my holes to pleasure them.

i wore their cum home and i even went to bed that night with their , by now, dried cum in my hair and chest. i woke up in crusty cum which was a lovely reminder of this night.

Thank You guys.



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