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June 28th 2019 - at a  Devils Dyke , Brighton.

Tiffany gives an account , in her own words below.

I was spending the weekend in Brighton as it was a glorious , hot , Summer weekend.

I spent my days on the beach at Brighton.

I would be dogging at Devils Dyke on the Friday night.

A few days earlier , I had placed an advertisement on a website called Fabswingers , that I would be there at 10pm on the Friday night.

I did not have time to correspond much with the respondents, i simply stated the car park and the time , 10pm.

I arrived just before 10pm , just as the last daylight was departing.

I parked in the corner , i was in my campervan with the side door open and a light beaming out from the windscreen , so the boys would be able find me easilly.

I was dressed "secretary" tonight.

I was wearing my "push up" bra and a red satin blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned to expose my bra and breasts.

I was wearing an 8 strap , black suspender belt with glitter fishnet stockings.

I was in my black satin "open arse" panties.

To finish it all off i was wearing my clear, Perspex 4 inch heels (open toe).

Within seconds i had men approaching my campervan , who had seen my posting.

i diligently asked them , one by one , to take a seat on the back seat of my campervan.

i dropped to my knees and worked my magic tongue and throat on their cocks.

Soon , the spunk was shooting :-)

The car park was small , with room for only about 10 cars and by 10.30pm they were queueing up to enter the car park , it became a situation of "one in , one out".

And so did my campervan... that too became "one in , one out! !

A couple of guys even stood me up outside my campervan , pushed me forward across the step , lifted my mini-skirt and fucked me hard in the arse !

I am sorry i did not take any pictures of the events of that night. This was because there were actually regular "joe public" people camping in tents, in the field behind the car park and i did not want to draw too much attention and have them walking up to find out what was going on, if they saw the flash of a camera.

So , i must have satisfied about 8 or 10 men that night.

Thank You the Men of Brighton for using me as your unpaid whore.

Until the next time !



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