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The "Publicsluts" were two tgirls who used to be taken dogging , to serve the cocks of all men.

The project finished in 2021 and they no longer get taken out.

So , this website is now just a historical record of what happened in the past.

On the next pages , you will be able to read accounts and see hundreds of free pictures of these sluts serving hundreds of cocks.

The blond , "Posh Slut" is now off the scene.

See posh slut and tiffany , outdoors dogging , pre-2011 , with hundreds of free pictures , accounts and some videos by clicking ---> About Me

The dark haired one , Tiffany is still available to serve cock

You can find Tiffany, on her own website, and contact her
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Go on , TAKE THEM, share them  and post them I need to get the word out about this rare slut. She needs to be pimped more (for free)  and more cock needs to cum to her.

It is my ambition to someday have a place where slut Tiffany can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365. If anyone has such a place, in U.K or abroad, please get in touch.