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She LIVES IN Central London and so she tends to pleasure cock in public places within the Greater London/M25 Area. 

She is taken or sent to well known dogging locations, sometimes sex cinemas or swingers clubs.

Before you ask , no , I am not going to send her to that unknown and quiet lane near your house just to pleasure you alone !

I tend to take her or send her to BUSY and popular locations , as we need to be almost guaranteed an enormous amount of cock for her to serve!

I WILL NOT post the locations on this website, experienced doggers will know where they are or you can join my Yahoo group on the contact button , where i post when and where she will be serving.

SPECIFIC locations and dates that I will attend will be posted on my group list.

You can get to my group list by clicking on the CONTACT link.

N.B I am getting DOZENS of messages like " will you be in N.London tonight ?".

The answer to that is  , JOIN the yahoo group and you will know where and when i am taking her out to serve.

Other questions like..."Will you bring her to Birmingham , Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Dubai etc... etc..."

The answer to that is YES - IF YOU PAY UPFRONT ! You are gonna have to cover travel expenses and hotel rooms etc...for us though AND you are gonna have to make-sure that at least 6 guys are also there for me to witness her pleasuring.


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All images on this site are copyright  of www.publicslut.co.uk
The owner GIVES permission to ANYONE and EVERYONE to download, view, keep or post them anywhere on the internet or any form of media. The only condition on this is that the pictures must not be altered or cropped in any way and that the watermark must remain intact on each picture.
Go on , TAKE THEM, share them  and post them I need to get the word out about this rare slut. She needs to be pimped more (for free)  and more cock needs to cum to her.
It is my ambition to someday have a place where she can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365.
 If any man has a facility like this in the United Kingdom and can help make it real , please get in touch
... Master Brixtonian