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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Master X answers your questions

If your question is not answered here you may ask the question on publicsluts’ guestbook and i will post a reply.

How do I contact you , there is no contact email address for you on this site?

Correct, there IS NO contact email address because Myself and publicslut are not in the business of chatting or exchanging emails, it would result in less time for her to serve cock. She does not trivialise herself with email and chat she meets and pleasures cock FOR REAL ONLY ! You need to join her announcement list at
Yahoo Groups to learn when she will be in public next to pleasure your cock.
If you just want to leave her a compliment, you can do so on her guestbook.

Publicslut is remarkable , I don’t think I have ever come across such a girl on the internet. Can’t believe she pleasures all cocks for free. As you are her “Master” are you coercing or putting her on drugs or stuff to make her do this?

No, publicslut does it of her own free will, she does it to please and honour  ME , her Master and MY twisted desires. She is clean living and rarely even drinks alcohol. When you meet her , she will be sober and eager to please you. She enjoys serving MY will and doing what I tell her to do. The by-product of this is that multiple men get to benefit from her devotion to ME.

You only seem to attend one or two places, they are a bit difficult for me to get to. Will you be coming to a location near me?

I take Publicslut to the places you see on her website and Yahoo Group because I KNOW them to be busy places. She herself is almost guaranteed to be SERVING multiple cocks IN MY HONOUR. She is not going to be taken to a location where there is little activity. If you know of another VERY busy location , in very easy reach and distance from London, post full details on her Yahoo Group or website and I will consider taking her there.

I admire publicsluts devotion to cock, can you bring her to a location near me?

See the answer above. Publicslut will not be taken to some remote location just to serve you ! She needs at least half a dozen guaranteed cocks before I will take her anywhere.

I am getting DOZENS of messages like " will you be in N.London tonight ?".

The answer to that is  , JOIN the yahoo group and you will know where and when i am taking her out to serve.

Other questions like..."Will you bring her to Birmingham , Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Dubai etc... etc..."

The answer to that is YES - IF YOU PAY UPFRONT ! You are gonna have to cover travel expenses and hotel rooms etc...for us though AND you are gonna have to make-sure that at least 6 guys are also there for me to witness her pleasuring.

I turned up at a location you said you were going to be at and you were not there!

If we say we are going to be at a location we WILL be there and we WERE there. I take publicsluts safety very seriously and IF ,on the night, the location looked a bit dodgy (e.g. boy racers/trouble makers present) I will have whisked publicslut away. You ALWAYS have the option of giving me your mobile number on the day and I will contact you if there has been a change of plan for reasons like this.

"I know a GREAT busy location where you can take publicslut"

Fantastic, join my Yahoo Group and post full details on the message board and i can follow it up.

I want to be served in public by publicslut , but , I don’t want any pictures taken!

That’s fine , you have a mouth , just say so !

I hate condoms, can I fuck publicslut bareback ?

Fuck off out of here right now ! Publicslut does not even want to come across IDIOTS who do not practise safe sex. Publicslut is ALWAYS safe.

Can I do kinky things to publicslut like bondage etc…

Yes , I am keen to see the slut depraved in many more ways . You bring the rope, bring your dog too for all I fuckin’ care. I wanna see her dehumanised and debased into a 24/7/365 cock whore, don’t care what breed of cock it is.

I really love what publicslut does and think she is super sexy and so well trained. The thing is , I am a straight guy, so i am not sure about this.

She does not care what the fuck you are. You need to realise that these places are totally anonymous , she isn’t going to ask you any questions because her mouth will be full of YOUR cock. Publicslut serves straight guys all the time. Just because you stick her holes once and fill her with your cum  does not mean you are no longer straight ! Just means you see a great opportunity when you see it. After all , a hole is a hole and publicsluts holes are hotter than most. Lets face it , where are you going to find a female who will serve you like this in any case ?
Stop thinking about it and just do it! No one is going to know your secret !

I admire publicslut and would LOVE to have her for an hour on my own. Any chance?

Publicslut is here to serve the entire population of men and their cocks, for free.
If you want her for a special session on your own , then you are going to have to PAY ME WELL to bring her to you. If you part with a minimum £200 and pay me a deposit upfront, the slut will be yours. I might even let publicslut have some of the cash to buy some even sluttier lingerie to make her a more appealing whore for you men!

I am myself a crossdresser/transvestite. Can I meet up with publicslut for some “girly” fun ?

Absolutely not. PublicSlut is here to serve MEN , real men . She is NOT in any way attracted to feminine types in the form of women or crossdressers/transvestites.  She agrees with me that feminine types are here to serve masculine cocks, they should not be thinking of their own needs and desires, they should just be put to work on cock with no questions asked. Don't even think about joining her Yahoo Group.
Now, get away from your computer , get outdoors , get on your knees and worship some cock. DO IT NOW bitch !

I myself am a crossdresser , will you train and pimp ME out ?

Not on this site or publicsluts  Group. This is my domain for her ! But if you REALLY think that you have got what it takes and you are  slim, sexy and convincing then leave me a message on the guestbook with your email address and I will get in touch to see if I think you can meet my standards. Understand though , i am not here to play email ping pong. You must be prepared to send me your info and clear pictures straight away. I don't mess about and neither will you cunt!

PublicSluts Limits

Regrettably it is a fine line training , controlling and keeping a slut in service and servitude. After all , we don't want to turn-off her devotion and risk loosing her.
So there are SOME limits that i must allow PublicSlut:

She WILL NOT serve Women, CD's/Tv's . She is NOT attracted to them.
She WILL NOT service older men (pensioners). Infact, around aged 55 is the upper limit of men whom she will pleasure.
She WILL NOT serve the grossly overweight. If you have to push the fat in just to reveal your cock then PublicSlut is going to find you a big turn off ! If you don't care about your body , why should she?
She WILL NEVER bareback (anal penetration without a condom) !

Are YOU curious about cross dressing yourself ?

Publicslut RECOMMENDS the following :

In our opinion , the BEST quality (for the money)

female lingerie and clothing cut specifically

for the male body.




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It is my ambition to someday have a place where slut Tiffany can be kept and chained, a drop-in centre for men , where she feeds on cock all day, EVERY day, 24/7/365. If anyone has such a place, in U.K or abroad, , a home , back room of a shop or business premises etc...please get in touch.




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Go on , TAKE THEM, share them  and post them – I need to get the word out about this rare slut. She needs to be pimped more (for free)  and more cock needs to cum to her.