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Master X uses this page to report in his own words the activities of the sluts

Can YOU help?

PublicSlut can only serve outdoors on warm Summer evenings.
So , for 9 months of the year i need OTHER locations.

Do YOU know of any sheltered locations within the London Area?

I NEED dry, warm locations where i can get PublicSlut gang raped and keep her serving cock.

Perhaps you own a large house or a farm with outbuildings? On the same kind of lines maybe a dog pound or a factory unit that is heated and has room for cars to drive up to?

Perhaps you know of adult cinemas or swingers locations where we could "hire" the venue for our own devices ? (i already know of Fantasy Video and Abcat in London thanks, these will be investigated further)

Perhaps you own a large motor home where PublicSlut would be kept with an "open door" for men to get out of their cars and come and use her in the motor home? A large transit van with heating would also serve this purpose.

I am also willing for myself and PublicSlut to be transported to other parts of the country or even other parts of the World where she can be bound or chained and made to serve groups of men...transporting her and chaining her at foreign locations to be used as a sex slave for all men , for a couple of weeks , appeals to me. i would leave her with you and return to collect her after the timeline. You would have complete control of her.

Do YOU have any other ideas or solutions?
I will appreciate ANY ideas that you may have.
For THIS topic and this topic ONLY

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Sunday 18th July 2010 

Forced fuck at A1 !

Gents, sadly Sunday's sojourn didn't have the same activity levels that were produced on Friday. Admittedly this dogging session was a snap decision, and as a result not much was hoped for, which was good as not much was happening there.

A quick meander through into the trees, told us that we'd come during GAY HOUR and the only attention PublicSlut would get would be from me.

Ever the gentleman, I pulled out the black snake and forced it down her throat viciously causing her to bring up a meal eaten hours earlier. I was both pleased and upset: pleased as most guys want to be able to say that they made a bitch gag and chunder just by filling her mouth with cock; upset because the bitch kept on taking breaks to get air back into her lungs. A brother with a hard cock shouldn't have to stand in the wind with his dick getting cold.

Pulling her hair to keep her on track worked and soon PublicSlut was again feasting on my cock as though her life depended on it. More gagging and retching ensued, as I attempted to test the depths of PublicSlut's throat and found that she has a long way to go yet.

Our little impromptu show did draw a few guys from the trees, but they weren't into girls and it seemed extremely hopeful that there'd be BBC or any cock on the menu that evening.

Not wanting to go home with a semi, I then opted to tie PublicSlut over a low hanging branch and tore her a new, wider, deeper pussy.

Offering protestations that I was too big and how much my invading cock was hurting this cheap whore was simply a catalyst to me and I found myself burying ever deeper into her once tight slut pussy in order to make the screams louder, which I duly did. A staunch voyeur was in attendance and his compliments on my treatment of the bitch spurred me on further still. He understood that PublicSlut is a slag and has no business other than pleasuring men, so he was happy to see the bitch taken roughly and her feeble protest cancelled out by the injection of hard cock to her tranny pussy.

Sadly for PublicSlut, there was no lube, so she had to hope that my spit was as good as KY as that was all she was getting to help her out in dealing with my cock. PublicSlut, having a very tight pussy -at the start at least- did her best to ride my cock, but eventually friction won the battle raging in her pussy between her walls and my latex suit. Suffice to say that most of the cum was collected by the condom before I pulled out, but the bitch knows that she's been seeded, and will be done in similar fashion should the "pickings" again prove to be slim.

Be naughty,


Friday 16th July 2010

This Bitch will be LEGEND!!!

Gents, I don't even know where to begin.

After our first foray to A3 7 days previously with a decided low hit rate for a girl of PublicSlut’s charms, I decided to cast a wider net with the intent to provide PublicSlut with more cock than she could handle - wishful thinking I hear some of you murmur.

A few random posting on Craigslist, Swinging Heaven and later and I'd found myself with the familiar, to party goers/throwers, large list of names promising attendance, but didn't hold out too much hope for a night of unbridled debauchery as most are often timewasters.  As those in the know, are aware that more than half of respondents very rarely do anything other than make first contact.

Upon arrival at A3, I left the car and did a sweep of the area and found that there were noticeably more men present tonight than previously, so I ordered PublicSlut from the car, and had her walk ahead of me to the picnic tables near the cafe. This produced a flurry of activity and PublicSlut was soon caught in the headlights of a parking car, which increased foot traffic in our direction. Sadly not all those following PublicSlut were ready to take advantage of her sluttish behaviour and the familiar cries of "she's a tranny" could be heard echoing through the car park.

After a few minutes to smoke a fag, off to the woods went PublicSlut to take a piss. The fact that most of the guys who followed, DIDN’T RUN as she was standing there, pissing in an upright position, alerted me to the myriad possibilities of the evening ahead.

Standing by a gate in her lingerie and a coat, PublicSlut advertised her desire to serve the massed throng, and was soon being followed into the copse by a couple of guys intent on using this tranny whore for all she was worth. Quickly introducing herself, she set about sucking the first of the 3 guys who'd stepped up to get some free tranny sex. This then initiated a flurry of zips being undone and trousers being lowered and soon PublicSlut found herself surrounded by 5 men with their cocks out and looking for somewhere to shoot their loads. She quickly set about taking two into her hands and working them over with her mouth to instruction so that no cock was left unattended for too long a period.

I took it upon myself to remind the guys that PublicSlut was not just a cock-sucker , and proceeded to show them her slut bum-bag and this generated another burst of activity as the guy sporting the biggest cock  present -myself excluded obviously-, quickly "suited up" and proceeded to slip his thick cock into PublicSlut's cheap slut pussy. To say that the bitch screamed would be an understatement, as PublicSlut was definitely having difficulty taking all homey had to offer. She did do so however and valiantly rode the guy for all she was worth, whilst having her mouth speared open by the insistent cock that was desperate to shoot down her throat.

Spit roasted between two strangers Tiffany was in heaven and with the withdrawal of one cock from her ass, I instructed the next guy in line not to wait and just jump right in, which he did with abandon. A few minutes of vigorous fucking and sucking ensued before PublicSlut was presented with her first load of cum. A very healthy deposit from a poppers crazed geezer who later came back for seconds. Another cum shot in her mouth followed and shortly she was again faced with "big boy" who forced his way down her throat and almost brought tears to her eyes. Some of the assembled crowd were still disbelieving of PublicSlut's dedication to cock worship and needed further encouragement. Watching PublicSlut swallow cum on command and then quickly latch her mouth onto another cock in rapid succession made it easy for the newcomers to lose their inhibitions and their trousers too, and soon PublicSlut was again on her knees, sucking cock and getting her pussy reamed.

I then decided that as PublicSlut was there to pleasure men, there was no reason why a dude would get his knees dirty if he's fucking a cheap tranny cock whore, so PublicSlut was ordered to "raise up, and give up the pussy", thus preventing any man from dirtying his clothes as he rid himself of cum in a nasty tranny cum slut. This got golden approval from the guy about to lower himself to his knees for a fuck and he was then able to have PublicSlut rest against a tree as he fucked her hard and with only his needs in mind.  Several guys took advantage of PublicSlut in this manner, and each one was treated to a moaning cum-dump focussed only on being filled with cock and cum.

More cock followed and PublicSlut was again spit roasted by guys in a "train". PublicSlut then received a lovely facial whilst in the middle of a circle of probing hands and hard cocks. When I saw the guy who'd lost sight of his feet roll up, I ordered PublicSlut not only to suck his cock and give up the slut pussy, but also to drain the condom as this guys really went to town with what little he had that really made his day, and it was evident from his smile that he'd wanted to see that for a long time. PublicSlut of course, obliged with a smile and slowly drained the condom, an action which generated more interest from some guy who'd happened by and seen her hard at work. A quick wipe of the hands to minimise dirtying the cock of a male benefactor/cum donor, PublicSlut set about proving that she is a real and honest candidate to be the INTERNET'S PREMIER PUBLIC USE SLUT, by working his shaft and balls with verve and abandon until he shot his hot, thick load into her willing tranny slut mouth.

At least one of the guys present had seen the TVChix post and he quickly proffered his cock to PublicSlut, who greedily accepted -it later turned out that this "guy" was actually a Hairy Panty Wearer, as PublicSlut can be seen sucking his cock whilst he's standing in stockings.

There were in total 12 guys and she drank mouthful after mouthful of cum, with very little rest in between each man - as it should be for ALL SLUTS.

However, the piece du resistance was when the last remaining guys revealed that they'd been unsuccessful in finding a "woman". These guys were extremely hesitant and nervous as they didn't want to be associated with tranny sex, but after gentle persuasion from me - I highlighted the obvious: 1. they hadn't cum; 2. PublicSlut was a cock slut, hell bent on making men cum; 3. they were in the woods, in the dark, and nobody would know- they decided to break their tranny cherry and took PublicSlut like the cock hound that she is. They left with a smile on their faces, and a part of me believes that we'll see them again in the woods, looking for a slut like PublicSlut to treat as a all cheap whores should be, as a CUMDUMP/FUCKTOY!

A few more visits to the A3 will definitely raise PublicSlut's profile from that of EXCLUSIVE BBC SLUT, to CONTROLLED BBC SLUT as white guys get used to the knowledge that she can be had like the nasty cum drinking slag that she is, under the right circumstances of course.

Be naughty,



Friday July 9th 2010 

PublicSlut's FIRST outing !

PublicSlut was the lucky girl thrown to the horny denizens of London as she put herself at my mercy for a dogging session last Friday evening. 

The night had it's successes as you'll see from the pics, and PublicSlut was in time used orally by several men in quick succession. Sadly, the magic number of 10 was never reached, though not from a lack of trying. 

There was a bit of interest in various groups, and on arrival it became clear that I need to be even clearer about what's on offer as the guys who did arrive via the posting missed the part about "T-Pussy" and were polite but not interested, they were only interested in gender females, lesson learned. 

It was a slow start, but after deciding to hang behind PublicSlut as she walked through the undergrowth in just her lingerie and a small top, her long tanned legs encased in black fishnet tights, nestled in SLUT RED STILETTOS, we found it easier to get her doing what she does best - PLEASURE MEN, AND DRAIN THEIR CUM. 

After a few false starts with cruising gays who didn't appreciate I had other plans, PublicSlut managed to secure her 1st RANDOM cock and took him around the back of the cafe and gave him the blowjob of his life. Kneeling down in the deep undergrowth, PublicSlut worked his shaft and balls skilfully for a few minutes, FOLLOWING MY INSTRUCTIONS TO PLEASE HIM IMPLICITLY, before the familiar grunt signalled his desire to reward her for her efforts. He was happy to have PublicSlut drain his balls and I'm sure he'll look out for her in the future. 

A few patrols of the car park complete with glaring lights, and of the path through the woods, got PublicSlut noticed again, and we went back into the undergrowth, this time with a gaggle of guys in tow. This produced a little double cock sucking action with PublicSlut being directed to satisfy both HIGHLY PRIVILEGED WHITE MEN (brothers where were you?). Both men unable to believe their luck found it hard to cum and after a very valiant effort from PublicSlut, they both retreated to the car park without giving PublicSlut any bounty for herself. Try as hard as she might, they couldn't get to the finish line. PublicSlut being the nice girl that she is made them feel special before they left, and then set about looking for more cock to suck or fuck. 

PublicSlut eventually struck pay dirt and found another horny guy who was intent on coming and after putting it on him with some skilful assisted deep throat action for a few minutes - he had hold of her head and forced his way into her throat; not that she was fighting him off. He too found himself grunting from the pit of his stomach, and giving PublicSlut the bounty she'd worked so hard for. A large mouthful of HOT STICKY CUM was her goal and her aim was achieved and captured for you to see.  

A long time passed with not much happening, so we set off for THE a1 in North London, only to find even less happening there. Just 6 people in attendance, including us. Well, it was 1am now. The only other people there being a couple of guys who gave us the low-down on the night's action and a tgirl called Georgina. 

Guys, PublicSlut is YOUR SLUT, you know this.

A special message to Black guys. Guys, whilst it's fun having her break her taboo and fuck and suck white cock, come and give the bitch what she wants, BBC OUTSIDE!!!

If you can make it when next she's out (date tbc), come and REPRESENT. 

Be naughty,



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